Sleeping and feeding pattern of 6 weeks old

  • hi guyz!!

       I have 6 weeks old baby girl. I am a first time mom. She sleeps at day time and wakes at night. Her sleeping pattern is very uneven like 9am to 12, then 1.30 to 4pm, 6 to 8pm a very light sleep like sleeps and wake up, and then sleeps at 1.45am to 3.30am then again 8.00am or 9.. Its not same all the days it varies a lot. when itz time for me to sleep she wakes up. I even tried to sleep when she does but itz hard to sleep with uneven timings.because of less sleep i dnt drive, My husband gives me ride to my college.If i get a sleep of 2 hours i feel lucky that day.Even she dont have feeding pattern. She s hungry now and then i really tried hard to set her times of feedings after 3 to 4 hours. She wants milk now and then after like 2 hrs sometimes 4 hours.

      I am exausted. Hhhh.. its really a hard job to be a mother. I want my baby to have good habbits and be healthy. I am having many question which only you guyz can lead me through!!

    1) Is she getting the sleep she needs?

    2) How can make her sleep at night more than day time?

    3)how can i set her feeding and sleeping timings.

    4) And I am confused with the use of pacifier. when should i feed her and when to use pacifier?

    5) And she needs someone to pick her up and move around after she gets tired of playing while she is lying. It becomes difficult to move around and at night wen i feel sleepy.

       I will really apericiate your advice.


  • Welcome to be the board! You will find TONS of information here on helping your baby get on a better schedule. Take the time to browse previous posts. Newborn sleeping patterns is a hot topic around here.

    Feedings at this age tend to be around every 2-3 hours. I would say if you know she has been well fed and it hasn't been two hours, feel free to use a paci. If it has been more than two hours, offer a feeding. That is just me, you may find lots of different advice. The best person to ask is your pediatrician.

    Getting her in a routine is key. It may take her a bit, but it will save you both lots of sleepless nights.

    I wish I could write more, but I have a very sick little boy to take care of. Good luck!

  • ok i am a first time mom and am blessed to have my baby sleeping at night... It took some coaxing but this is how i did it.. I'm sure there are moms on here that won't agree with it, but it worked for me.. so here goes 1. You're baby knows when she needs to sleep and how much, and all babies are different... So as long as you're not forcing her to stay awake ALL the time she will sleep as much as she needs to and you won't have to worry about if she's getting enough... 2. My baby was not sleeping well at night, she was doing the same thing yours is doing.. sleeping very lightly and not sleeping for long periods of time.. I got a noise maker and that made a HUGE difference.. When she is in the womb back ground noise comforted her, so when it is REALLY quiet at night it makes her feel nervous and insecure.. Also Try putting her in a bassinett if you're not already.. the more enclosed she is the more secure she'll feel... Do you swaddle her and then put her down? Or do you just lay a blanket over her? Swaddling her will also make her feel more secure. When 7pm rolls around try to keep her up for a few hours to tire her out.. Even let her fuss a little... fussing will wear her out, but i wouldn't let her scream for any extended period of time.. I found this very helpful 3. As far as setting her feeding times.. dont try she will tell you when she is hungry.. The only piece of advice i can give you is to try to stretch them out to every three hours so you're exhausting yourself.. I recognize the "hungry" cry, also if i kiss her cheek when she is hungry she will open her mouth like she is looking for a bottle... I give her a pacifier when she is just fussy and tired. 4. If you're soo tired you have a hard time moving her at night get your husband up to help move her.. it his sleep isn't worth your dropping her.. I hope this helps!
  • Hey, I have this book that you absolutely need to read. It saved my sanity! It's called "On Becoming Babywise" and it's written by Gary Ezzo and Robert Bucknam, MD.

  • Swaddling her and feeding her every 2-3 hours in the daytime.  These are the key ingredients for a happy baby.  Let her tell you when she is hungry at night (sometimes babies this age can go longer than four hours).  Some babies need to be swaddled all day while others do great just being swaddled at night.  Make sure you are using white noise at night and try the swing or a bouncer for those fussy times and the paci is your friend when she is fed but may need the comfort of sucking.  Getting a good routine down will help you and her.  Enjoy this time because it goes too quick and Good Luck!

  • Get this book Healthy Sleep Habits, Happy Child by Marc Weissbluth, MD.  Following this book, my baby has been sleeping a full night at 5 weeks.  You have to get on a schedule and stick with it. 

  • Just remember your baby has been in a safe and comfy place for 9 months and now that she is out we expect alot from them.  It will take alittle time for her to adjust and for you to get some sleep.  I had forgotten what it was like and I now have 3 under 3.  I constantly have to remind myself that my 7 week old is just that 7 weeks old and I have to teach him and it takes time just like with the other 2.  Hang in there the rewards are great when they just look at you and smile.