changeing from breast feeding to bottle

  • Is there an easy way to get the baby to drink from a bottle while still breast feeding?

  • Mine had no problem at all. It wasn't really an option either since daddy had to be able to feed while I was at work. I used the Playtex NaturaLatch nipples and never had a problem.

  • I'm not entirely sure I understand your question. I think you're asking about tips to help with a baby who refuses the bottle.  Our DD did this once she went to daycare.  These tips may help.  Have the caregiver:

    ...hold the baby tummy-to-tummy (rather than the baby's tummy facing the ceiling) because it mimics breastfeeding positions.

    ...distract the baby by rocking, moving, or talking. 

    ...the baby when he's tired and less likely to put up a fight. 

    ...drape over his/her shoulder a shirt that or something that smells like you.

    ...feed the baby as soon as he shows hunger cues not after he's gotten upset and escalated to crying.


    I hope that's helpful.

  • Are you feeding formula or breastmilk? If you are trying to give formula and the baby will not take it, try pumping your milk and offering that to the baby in the bottle. After they get used to the bottle, if you are not able to pump and want to give formula, slowly switch it out and get the baby used to the formula. If you are just pumping and feeding, then ignore my answer! ;-)