• Hello, My name is Melissa.  Me and my husband Mike of 17 years just had our first baby. A daughter named Madison. She was born Oct. 2, 2008.  She is now 2 mos old.  I'm 40 yrs old and this is a big adjustment in our life.  It obviously took us a long time to decide if we wanted children.  She is truly a blessing.  Her smile lights up her entire face and of course melts our heart.

    She is bottle fed and I want to share her formula story.  Madison was eventually diagnosed with a milk protein allergy due to several symptoms she was experiencing.  We started seeing a GI specialist and after trying many formulas & meds, she is now on a medical formula by Similac called Elecare. It is an amino acid based and hypoallergenic formula.  You can not buy it over the counter, it has to be ordered directly from similac or the pharmacy.  I had never heard of this before. This formula has made the biggest difference in our baby. She is a different person. So much happier, sleeping a little better and the biggest difference is she's not crying during and after every bottle.  I want other moms to know about this in case they are going through the same problems we were and their baby is suffering like ours was. 

    I would like to hear if anyone has heard of this before. I would be glad to share more info if anyone is interested.


  • Welcome and thanks for sharing your story. There actually is someone else on the board whose child has a protein allergy and has to use special formula. Are millk protein allergies common?

  • Milk protein allergies are more common than I realized. I think they often get misdiagnosed. Our daughter was so miserable with feeding, sleeping and just in general. She was treated for gas, acid reflux, then we were told maybe she just has colic or it's just a behavior issue. It wasn't any of that. There really was a medical issue. I'm so glad we persisted with our pediatrician and a GI specialist.  I hope other parents find this helpful for their little ones.    

  • This is just the reason moms everywhere ask for a manual for their babies! When you have a tiny little person who can't tell you where it hurts or if it hurts, you have to do so much guessing, second guessing, asking of questions and following your instincts. I'm glad that you trusted your own insitincts and kept trying to get to the bottom of your baby's discomfort.

  • Madion - I am so glad you joined our community! Not just these boards, but Parenthood Big Smile. I am even happier that you have been able to overcome the adversity life put in front of you, it helps make everything even more special doesn't it? And finally the happiest part of it all for me is that you are willing to share it all with us. Welcome to our small part of the world, and I hope you'll come, stay awhile and share with us as we grow.

    My daughter's name is Madison too by the way. She's a cutie who (despite being 15 months) still has just about no hair, and resembles her mom more than her dad most days. What is your Maddie like (ps I'm assuming there, we call ours by about a hundred nicknames, what's your favorite?)?

  • Thank you for the welcome.  My Madison is also bald and she looks like her dad.  Most of the time we call her Baby Madison. I'm not sure where that started.  She's full of personality and very active for two mos old.  I thought we would have more newborn time of eating and sleeping. But she disagrees. I'm a first time mom and love these discussion boards. I have so many questions everyday about babies.  It's good to hear other people's experiences and suggestions.

  • Hi Melissa!  I am so happy that Elecare worked for your baby.  My husband and I consider Elecare a miracle formula!!!  Our first child had sever reflux and a milk protein allergy.  We struggled for almost 3 months before we saw a GI specialist that recommended this formula.  This formula helped her gain weight, become more comfortable (along w some meds) and start thriving.  The Elecare website was also awesome in helping us obtain reimbursement through our insurance company.  It is now 3 1/2 years later and we have a healthy little girl who has outgrown her reflux and is starting to tolerate a very small amount of dairy.

    Good luck to you.



  • conn0908 that's great! I'm so glad it helped your daughter!! And thank you for sharing it with us, I'm sure it really helps to know there are others out there who have gone through the same experiences and who have had such a positive outcome like yours!

  • Hi Melissa, I wanted to share with you about my experience, not with the formula, but with having my first baby at 38, my husband is 54. This is his second time with fatherhood, his oldest is 21. Our daughter Adalina Mae was born Nov 6th @ 7:11 am. She is such a gift. I wanted to breast feed, and still am however I am not producing the volume that I would like. We are supplementing with Similac Advanced.

    Blessings to all,


  • Hi, my name is Kris.  I am a single stay-at-home mum of 5 kiddos.  My youngest, a boy(16mos), started having digestive problems and rashes as well as breathing problems when I switched from breast feeding to formula at 4 mos.  Around 6mos old (after changing to a new Dr.) he was found to have a milk protien allergy, as well as soy, all animal milks, and our list is still growing including oats, rye, hot spices(such as cayenne-was in a rice dish he ate), cauliflower, pears, strawberries,    anyway u get the idea. He is also allergic to various skin products.  I simpathize with you and do truly hope Madison does not have to deal with many other allergies.  God Bless.