She wants to eat every 2 hrs

  • I am looking for any advice. I have a 2 and a half month adorable little girl that is consistently wanting to eat every 2 hrs (pratically on the dot). I am nursing her and she eats for 20-30mins. My husband and I have tried formula which she does well with, eating 4oz at a time; but still wants to eat every 2 hrs. Is this pretty normal? I thought by now they eat every 3-4 hrs. I try to hold her off if I can, but when I do let her eat she acts as if she hasn't eaten in 10yrs. Any advice.

  • I have 2 girls - a 2 year old and a 4 month old.  I know that when my 4 month old was 2 months old, it still varied how long she would go between feedings.  There were times where she'd go 3-4 hours and others where she would go 2 hours.  She now is going 3-4 hours.  Have you asked your pediatrician to see what he/she thinks?  If you haven't, you may want to consult with them first.  I wonder if offering her a little more than 4 oz might help.  My sister-in-law was having the same issues with her son, and she started offering him a pacifier instead of the bottle to try and stretch him a little longer.  Maybe she just wants something to suck on.  Those are the only things I can think of to suggest.    I hope this helps.  Hang in there. 

  • Every 2 hours can be totally normal.  This is especially true for breastfed babies. My daughter would nurse all day long some days. I agree with rockymtnscrapper that she may just want to suck. I would always try to comfort my babies with a paci, swaddling, rocking, and other things and then feed if they still wanted to.

  • I was just about to loose my mind also. My 1 month old is looking to eat every 3 hrs and he is taking 5 oz. Hello We go to see the dr on Monday. He doesn't seem to be gaining  weight either and you hear his poor tummy rumble.  i feel so bad I dont want to over feed him and I dont want him to be hungry monster either!

  • I wouldn't worry so much about overfeeding at this age. Babies are usually really good about stopping when they're full and they develop so quickly that it's hard to say what constitutes too much. My philosophy with my girls when they were this little was to feed them whenever they ask and to keep an eye on the amount of formula my pediatrician recommended they take in per day. If they went over, so be it, as long as they were happy and healthy. I figure, they know their bodies best at this point.

  •        Yes it's completly normal i have a three month old and she eats every two hours also.Her doctor told me to add a little bit of cereal to her bottle 3 or 4 teaspoons.It helped some we have only been doing that for a week and she is starting to eat every three to four hours.Try the Beech Nut cereal it's soy free and easier on their little bellys.I hope i could help.         Kim

  • It can very from child to child - especially if she is very active (as many of them are ). Feel free to fill her up, as always if you're worried consult a pediatrician for suggestions on supplimenting her diet. With out daughter we began introducing very unsolid foods to her about the same age for similar reasons. Not only will your's love the variety in textures and tastes it can bring over formula and milk but it will help fill her up (and possibly longer) too.

  • Hi:

    I have breastfed my two babies since birth and never had to supplement until they were 7-9 months.  It is normal for them to eat often.  Mine often wanted to eat every hour.  I just breastfed them on demand.  At 2 1/2 months, she is too young to have on a feeding schedule.  I know is tough, but the worst thing is for them to go hungry just because they are "supposed" to withhold 3-4 hours without a feeding.  Not all babies are created equal.  Hope this helps.

  • I think it's probaly ok, yours is breast feeding and everyone I know seems to feed their babies more often. I am bottle feeding my 3 month old and during the day she eats every 2 to 3 hours. She eats 4oz most of the time and occasionally 5oz but it's pushing it. She defiantly would have been a good breast feeder, anything near her mouth she wants to suck on it, most people want to confuse it with "she's hungry" but when offered the bottle she doesn't want it. She just wants to suck, even the pacifier isn't always something she wants. Sometimes she just wants the side of her hand?? My son didn't do that at all, he was eating 6 to 8 oz earlier on and every 2 hours, I had to try and stall him off to wait those 2 hours because that way he'd eat the full amount and not just part and then want to eat sooner the next time.  It's hard to know how much yours is eating when breast feeding, so maybe after breast feeding for the normal time, you might then offer a bottle to see how much more she'll consume and so your not latched to her all day. Or time some bottle feedings and then compare it to timed breasting to get an idea of how many oz she consumes, this way you'll know how many oz she getting during your breast feeding. She might need more oz's and after such a long time latched on maybe you're done sooner then she is. (which is ok). She may not be eating the whole time latched on feeling so cozy near you, to where a few bottle feedings thought out the day may help get the job done. Reevaluate every few days since adding oz to growing babies diet can quickly change. good luck.  


  • my daughter is the same way dont worry shes fine

  • this is very normal. its only gunna last a short while. it usually means shes going through a growth spurt. you will see that soon she wont want to eat and you will be worried. it happens to me all the time. my baby is 4 and a half months and she is in the not wanting to eat pahse but last week she practically had 6 oz evry hr.

  • My 3 and 1/2 month old eats every three hours and takes anywhere from 5 - 7 oz. 

    I wouldn't worry, every baby is different and I also agree that it could totally be a growth spirt.