Powder formula vs. ready to feed liquid

  • My son is 6 weeks old (he is a preemie, born at 32 weeks).  The doctors at the hospital prescribed Neosure ready to feed.  Now that he is at home, I have a hard time sometimes finding the ready to feed, but I find the Neosure powder.  I think I read somewhere that your not supposed to switch from liquid to powder or back again even if it's the same brand because it can upset the baby's tummy.  Is this true?

  • I've never had a problem switching between powder and ready to feeds... i use the ready to feeds when i'm out and about in the car or going on trips... and the powder at home... I think if you find the powder then use the powder... powder is cheaper in the long run rather then the ready to feeds...

  • I am on my way out, but wanted to give you this number real quick 1-800-232-7677. This is the StrongMoms number. They will be happy to answer your question about Neosure. I called yesterday with another question and had it answered (by a real person) within a couple of minutes.

  • I've done both and never had an issue, and I've never heard that switching between the two could have any side effects.

  • deanaw- Did you happen to call StrongMoms? I've never understood why it would matter if it was ready to feed or powder, but as a pediatric nurse I talk to moms who have some trouble switching. I also had a close friend who said she could only do the ready feed because her son spit up more with powder. I've never had to try it for myself before, but if I did I know I would be pushing for powder because it is more affordable. :)

  • I would always say speak with a pediatrician - especially with your circumstances. That being said with our daughter when we switched from breast milk to formula we used both power and liquid interchangeably. We did notice that some of her diapers when doing so where very messy, but she did not seem cranky or upset. I would say from the diapers though that with our daughter it clearly had an effect on her digestion. I would definitely consult your pediatrician, and I would call some local stores I am willing to bet there are several that carry it nearby or that can order it at your request without extra charge.