giving a four month old rice cereal

  • I have just started giving my four month old rice cereal after her morning bottle.  The pediatrician said to start with 1 tablespoon of cereal to 4 tablespoons milk/formula and gradually make it thicker.  After a week and a half, I mixed three T. cereal with 4 T. breast milk.  I noticed that my baby spit up quite a bit so obviously I overdid it.  How much would you advise to give a four month old once a day?


    Thanks, Jackie

  • Jackie, I wish I could give you a recipe but this is just one of those things you kind of have to experiment with to see what works best for your baby. When I started with Peyton I made her cereal at roughly a 1T cereal : 1- 1 1/2 oz. of formula ratio. Basically making it about the consistency of a thick soup so that it was thicker than what she got in a bottle but thin enough that it went down easily while she was still learning.

    Each baby is different though, so what worked for P may or may not work for your baby. It would be so much easier if they weren't all quite so individual (certainly it would make finding out what to do easier!) but I don't think it would be nearly as much fun. :)

  • Hi Daniel,

    May baby was 4mths on 5-20...I don't know your reason for wanting or needing to give cereal at 4mths.  But, I'm just waiting for the 6mth mark.  My theory is - if it's not broken???? Not that helps but that's my advice.


  • Hi Jackie!  Yeah, as Peyton’s Mama said, every baby is so different with this.  My pediatrician said to feed the baby cereal *before* the bottle (or after a few sips of bottle), but if your system is working and your baby will take the cereal after a full bottle, hey that’s great.  In terms of consistency, my doctor just said to mix the cereal to a consistency so it heaps up on the spoon.  (I made it to a loose mashed potato consistency – maybe a bit thicker than the thick soup that Peyton’s Mama had – again, different for different babies).  I used that same consistency all the time.  For amount, when my baby was 4 months old and just starting on cereal, he would have a total of 1-4 *baby* spoonfuls of the mix (very gradually increasing over the course of the month to a larger total amount  – I let him take the lead on that).  About spit-ups while feeding solids, my baby has 2 different kinds of spit-ups related to 2 different problems.  If he spits up while still eating his solids in the feeding chair (possibly with some gagging or hacking noises there), then for him it means the consistency is too thick to deal with.  If he spits up afterward (like when I’m picking him up or burping him) then either he had a bit too much food or it’s just one of those random spit-ups for no real reason.  This is what I’ve figured out from my baby but they are so different that I don’t know how much of this would apply to your baby.   I recommend just experimenting at each feeding to figure what makes your baby ‘happy’ and comfortable in terms of amount/consistency.  At 4 months they are eating solids for practice not for nutrition, so your baby will be fine even if she is not taking much solids (as long as she is still nursing/bottlefeeding well). 

  • Tracey- What great advice! I followed this advice with my daughter and went as slow as we could with everything. With my son however, everything was new and we always wanted to get to the next milestone. I wish we would have taken things a bit slower.

  • you just kind of have to make it really thin but not soupy.if your doc said your baby is ready than they are & alot of moms hold off until 6 months now but some babies are just super hungry & need more...