Breast feeding to bottle feeding

  • When breast feeding is there any tricks i can use to help my baby take to a bottle?  She fights it and will eventually give in after a long period of fussing.  I have tried different nipples but that doesn't seem to be the issue.  Once she latches to the bottle i can usually keep her on.  Any suggestions?

  • It's simply a repetition thing for the most part. My wife used to hold our daughters in close to her breast when administering the bottle so the feel would be the same. It was our belief that the baby just wanted the security of being close to my wife when feeding. Good luck!

  • When you are feeding a bottle to a breast fed child, sit the baby up in your lap and support her at the base of her neck by leaning her back just slightly into your palm. Hold the bottle with the nipple point up into roof of the baby's mouth. These types of positioning tricks often help when trying to get your baby to take a bottle. I would recommend also trying Avent bottles or something similar with a wide nipple base that is somewhat like a breast. You could also try putting a few drops of your milk into her mouth from the bottle before offering her the nipple. If it takes her more than a half hour to empty the bottle, you may need to switch to a faster flow nipple. Good luck!
  • Trying many different bottles is a big thing. My son didn't like Dr. Brown or most of the others. We switched to Tommee Tippee and he did alot better. He's 9 months now and has no issue switching back and forth. I just have to keep him on stage 1 or 2 nipples. BF babies suck alot harder and gag themselves on later stage.

  • Have you tried having someone else bottle feed her?  I had problems with my daughter taking a bottle when i went back to work.  i had to have someone else feed her and she refused ALL nipples.  I found a nipple that worked for her and I have yet to this day bottle fed her, she will be 6 months on the 4th and we are still nursing before and after work and at bed time.

  • Some babies simply do not like bottles as much. Pick a bottle with a nipple shape that is similar to yours then be consistent. Try to offer her the bottle every day and let your husband or partner give it to her while you leave the room. Sometimes when they know mommy is there they resist a bit more. Good luck and hang in there.

  • I'd like to humbly suggest the opposite of what's been posted.  Bottle feed in such a way that mimics breastfeeding:  hold your baby tummy-to-tummy.

    Also, try to distract your baby and feed when baby is tired and less likely to fuss.  If someone else does the feeding, that person can drape on an article of clothing that smells like you.