Bottle Nipples

  • I have a 3 1/2 month old.  It takes her about 20-25 minutes to drink a 5-6oz. bottle.  Is that long?  Her bottle nipples only have one hole.  Do I switch to two holes?

  • I think that's reasonable to think that a 3-month-old would take 20 minutes to drink a bottle.Think how small her little tummy is at this age! That said, you may want to try using faster nipples. Look to see if the type of nipple you use has a speed on it. I used the Playex Nurser System with both my girls, and with the old-fashioned nipples, but each stage was labeled with a speed: Slow for newborns, medium for 3-6 months, and I think fast for 6-months and above.

    What I found, though, with my youngest was that switching to a faster nipple (one with more than one hole or a larger one) would cause her to take in more air, which meant more gas pain and spitting up. At the time, she wasn't ready for it and we ended up playing a game of trial and error. So if you opt to switch nipples, you may find it works better for her, but also be prepared if she's not ready for an increased amount of liquid yet.

  • If you are on newborn nipples, then you could most likely move up to the next stage. It just depends on the type of nipple you are using. I know stage 2 Avent nipples will let milk just fly out (resulting in the air intake that writemommy described), but Playtex is a little slower. You could just play around with it and see what works for her. If she starts spitting up or getting a tummy ache, then you can switch back to the slower nipple.

  • By 3 1/2 months we had switched our daughter's to the stage 2 nipple with no problems. She was a hungry girl, and latched well - bottle or nipple - so thankfully no gas pains for her Wink. BabyNurse3 and MommyWrite10 both have great suggestions, and you can always try switching your daughters and if she has problems transfer her back to the current one until she is ready to try again.