Pretend Play


    Pretend play is a very important part of being a preschooler. It helps them to develop social skills, express feelings, and problem solve. One great way to encourage pretend play is to make a “pretend box”. You can feel this box with hats, shoes, child safe jewelry, cooking utensils, old office equipment, fabric, and anything else you can think of. We like to shop department stores a few days after Halloween to buy discount costumes. How do you encourage pretend play?


  • My daughter just has a very active imagination.  She doesn't even really need all the props, she just enjoys them sometimes.  She love to have tea parties and birthday parties with her little cups, plates, and play food.  Other times she just pretends that she is a dinosaur and goes around roaring.  Sometimes she will be one of the "sharpteeth" and sometimes she will be one of the others and run from the sharptooth.  When she was a little younger I also allowed her to dress creatively when we went out.  I'd let her wear a tutu over her pants or a boa around her neck.  She still likes to wear some of her play jewlery sometimes.  My mom thinks it's letting her get away with things, I think it's encouraging her creativity.

  • My two-year-old is starting to get into imaginary play, and some of the things she comes out with are downright funny. When we drive around, she points out the window and says she sees polar bears or Swiper the Fox from Dora the Explorer. The other day, she pointed at a statue of a little white dog at my parents' house and said, "It's the big bad wolf!" She even talks to her dolls. 

    And I play along to encourage this type of play. It's so cool to see her imagination developing, but at the same time, she's having nightmares, too. I think her imagination gets the better of her sometimes, unfortunately.

  • Funny you would mention the big bad wolf. My daughter just fell apart because the "bad bad wolf" was after her. I couldn't calm her down for anything.