Neverous about my baby boys arrival !!! ANY advice

  • I'm 19, in college , and pregnant with my first child. So far i'm so happy because i have a very supportive family that is always there. However i Am very young and i didn't plan on getting pregnant. I was on birth control and this was the first intimate relationship Ive been engaged in. Now im 6 months pregnant with a baby boy and i feel so blessed that god has given me the opportunity to create a new life. Although i will have the support of my family im still so nervous about adjusting to mother hood. Has anyone else had the same fear? My mother teases me because she says i move so slow and she worries how i will manage with a new born baby. Juggling school and a baby will be pretty challenging but im a Straight A student so im Ready for this challenge. i Just get scared thinking about how much my life is going to change when he arrives. everything will be around his schedule not mine. How do you prepare your self for this change and adjustment?? Does Anyone have any advice they can offer to a young lady who is pregnant in college and is nervous about adjusting ?

  • Marie-

    I think that you have many strengths that will help you make that adjustment into motherhood.  First of all you sound like you have a great support system.  This is KEY!  You have shown me that you are resourceful-you found our webboard and reached out for support.  You also have to foresight to be thinking about this now, and now in another 6 months.  I think that reading and gaining as much knowledge as you can about taking care of a baby will be helpful.

    I'm hoping that others will also post with more concrete answers for you.

    Keep your chin up, your going to do great!


  • I agree with Jess Baby RN, it is natural to feel nervous and anxious about becoming a mother. I was married, in my late 20's, ready to have a baby, and a baby nurse and I was STILL nervous about becoming a mother. It is a big adjustment and a lifestyle change, but one that I would never take back. You will do just fine. Arm yourself with knowledge, and don't be afraid to ask for help! Good luck and welcome to Strong Moms!

  • Just wanted to check in and see how things are going.  I'd love an update when you have a chance,


  • THANKS! i really appreciate your post. You Helped show me that i do have strengths i before didn't notice. Everything is going well , time is flying by and in 3 months I'm Going to be the Mother of a baby boy. School is going great as well. Now that i have a this new profound faith in myself i know i can and will be a great mother. Thanks for all your encouraging words !Smile

  • Thanks for the advice. i appreciate all your words of wisdom !

  • Glad to hear that you are doing well! Motherhood is an amazing journey and while it is challenging and scary at times, it will be the best ride of your life--guaranteed!


  • Glad to hear you are adjusting well and ready to take a challenge head on! I have several friends who had babies while in college and they certainly had some challenges and needed to readjust their schedules somewhat, but they were able to do well and finish strong. I think the biggest thing is just to be prepared to be a more flexible and realize your schedule will somewhat revolve around your baby boy but it will be quite worth it!! I'm confidant you can do it with your family support and your positive attitude. Congrats!