To ride the bus or not to ride the bus??

  • My children currently ride the bus to and from school every day and have enjoyed it for the last 2 years. My sister, on the other hand, won’t let her kids ride the bus because of some of the awful things that can occur on buses. Do you let your kids ride the bus or do you agree that it is a bad place to be? -- Bonnie, StrongMoms Facilitator

  • My daughter rides the bus to and from school as well. i feel a bus can be a bad place, depends on how they are ran. My daughter is 4, and knows right and wrong. i belive if there is any issue on her bus she will let me know and she will be removed. i dont belive the is anything wrong with a child on the bus, they know when they are in a  bad situation. -Haven

  • I think it's an individual case by case decision.  I had never thought about buses being "bad places", outside of kids maybe getting teased in a harmless manner (physically but not necessarily mentally).  One of my thoughts is that kids have to have a place to test out their skills in saying "no", in standing up for themselves, in standing up for others, in being safe, in doing something without mom/dad there, ect.  So there are many good things about riding the bus.  That being said if you have any inclination or gut feeling or information that your child may be at risk-no bus!


  • You are both kids have to learn to be in difficult situations where they need to stand up for themselves or others. At least I know they are in a safe environment while doing so!

  • I think one of the difficult issues is the distance to the bus stop. I've just heard too many tragic stories about kids on their way to bus stops and things happening to them. I'd be pretty skittish letting them walk much distance to the bus stop. However, if I was able to go with them, I think that would change things. I'll have to deal with this issues in a couple of years! 

  • Luckily, the bus actually picks them up and drops them off right in front of our house, so I am very lucky!!!