4 yr old and pregnancy issue...

  • Hello everyone. Im Haven. im haveing a few issues at home.This is my 2nd pregnancy and im only a little over 2 months so my morning sickness is crazy. i Have a 4 yr old at home and i feel like shes being left out alot and i belive she feels like that also. im just so sick all the time, im lost and realy just dont know what to do,It kinda breaks my heart.ive tried everything i can think of for the morning (aka all day) sickness. i dont get to go to my first obgyn visit untill the 27th of this month so i cant get anything to help till then. im just lost. my frist pregnancy went so smooth. okay i feel a little better after venting. i just want to make sure my daughter knows i dont feel any diffrent about her.

     thanks for listening to me vent.


  • Haven-

    I'm so sorry that you are feeling so sick.  Nausea is just miserable.  Have you tried ginger tea or candy?  This can often help with nausea.  Also keeping a little something in your stomach-maybe even just a few crackers can help keep the stomach feeling a bit better.  I'm glad to hear that you have an appt. coming up with the doctor.  If you are really struggling it may be worth giving the office a call back and asking them if they can move you up due to the nausea.  

    In regard to your daughter perhaps setting aside some special time for her each day, that she knows is and will stay consistent, would be helpful.  This can be special time for reading, going for a walk or playing a game.  It doesn't have to be long, as consistency is the key.  Then letting her know that this time will continue even after the baby is born-so that she knows she is important and has special mommy time-no matter what.

    I'm hoping that your nausea will start getting better soon.  Please let us know if you have other questions or concerns.  We are always happy to offer support, encouragement and suggestions.

    Hang in there,


  • Haven - 

    It's so hard when you have a tough pregnancy with morning sickness. I was so exhausted and felt sick with my second. My little boy was 2 going on 3. I felt like a bad mother but sometimes I just had to cuddle with him and watch tv to spend time with him. I asked a lot of different people to take him places or do things with him so he felt like he got some activities here and there. Your daughter knows you love her - continue to tell her and let her know this is temporary. :-) 

  • Hi Haven! My wife is currently pregnant with our fourth child and she has suffered terrible morning sickness with each child. Your 4-year old may be feeling a bit left out, but all you can do is to try to make her understand and make the effort to do things with her when your sickness is not quite so acute. It must seem like forever when you are going through it, but there is light at the end of the sickness tunnel and when you come through the other side, make up for lost time! Young kids have a remarkable ability to adapt and adjust so just do your best and don't feel guilty about being really sick! Hang in there!

  • Haven - 

    How are you doing? Hopefully feeling a little better - let us know how things are so we can support you!