Sharing a room

  • My little boy is now 4 months old and we are ready to move him into the room he is sharing with his 3 year old brother. I have no idea how to begin going about putting them down together. I could probably put my 3 year old to bed first (since he is the heavier sleeper) and then put my baby down to sleep afterwards. How do you deal with the baby waking up to eat without getting everyone up? :-/ --Julie, StrongMoms Facilitator

  • That's a tough one... I haven't dealt with this yet, but I will in a few months... looking forward to hearing some great ideas on this topic! Thanks for posting Julie!

  • Oh I can relate, but it works out just fine. At first, your 3 year old will wake up but after a few nights he won't even budge when the baby cries. I like to put the more difficult one to sleep first. That means that your toddler may have to go to bed first so his "bathroom trips" and "water breaks" won't wake the baby up. Once he is asleep, move the baby into his bed. You could always put the baby to bed in your room or in a pack n play until it is time to move him. OR just bite the bullet and put them both to sleep at the same time. Your 3 year old will learn to be quiet when brother is in his room! :) Kids adapt easier than you think!

  • Thanks for the input MommyRN!

  • Me too, I'd like to hear ideas here. I know lots of Mom here willing to share there ideas as well.