Video Games

  • My wife and I have been hesitant to introduce video games to our daughters for many reasons. They do play computer games and have learning tablets geared for their ages, but we have not purchased a game console. What is your philosophy regarding video games for your kids and what system/games do you recommend?  -- Chris, StrongMoms Facilitator

  • Well i'm not entirely against video games, however i probably will not be getting a console for one reason.. My fiance!!! I know from past experience that he becomes consumed with them until he has beaten a game, and i don't want that example to be set for our daughter. They can be a good source of entertainment on those days where it just seems there's nothing to do or it's not suitable weather outside. IF i were to allow one in my house then i would have to set some boundaries for Hazel when she was old enough to play with it. Like she can not be on it for more than an allotted amount of time per day, and can not play it until school work has been done, and can only play it during certain times of the day so that it doesn't keep her from wanting to play outside. I have these specific rules because i have 6 "game nerd" brothers, and have seen how much they can interfere with every day activities.

  • Hi Brinny! Game nerd here! I hear you... I secretly don't want a console either because I fear I will become like your husband! Of course, I also secretly want one for the same reason!

  • Alright, I am a BIG TIME gamer and so is my husband. We love our video games, although I prefer one game over any others, but I like to play a variety. I've been playing since ATARI. lol My husband and I own 2 XBOX 360's and have a small game collection, so video games will always be a part of our household.


    Anyway, I already plan on allowing my kid to play video games, with set rules of course, such as homework being done and/or chores completed, no playing during past a certain time on school nights and I will allow for extra game time on the weekends. However, I would still like my kid to get out and play, but as a kid myself, I never played much with friends since I had none. I was bullied, but I played games, but at the same time, I just made sure on my own that I had schoolwork done and I would be allowed to play until a certain time. My husband and I only have each other and we don't go out anywhere so when we are home, we are always playing video games. I still get chores done around the house and I still get to enjoy my video games with no problems. I definitely plan on getting "family games" that we can all play together since they do have games like that now. I see nothing wrong with a family game night and I would like to maybe plan a day or 2 per month where we all play a game together. :)


    So basically, I will allow for video games, but rules will come with them. :P


  • I don't see a problem with it my husband and children love video games and being that the world is all about electronics it's a great learning experience for them I would recommend the xbox 360 with the connect it keeps them active and it's remote-less you are the remote it's a lil hard at 1st but it's great we play sports of all types my kids are 6 and 7 and they love it so even if its raining outside you can still shoot some hoops 

  • I think I am going to pull the trigger on some kind of system, just not sure what. Thanks for the input everyone!

  • The Wii is a good fit for young children and many of the games are great for them. Like anything though, be sure to set limits otherwise it can be a struggle.

  • We will probably get a Wii next Christmas for our boy - he will be old enough to enjoy it. I like the idea of him being interactive with the video games versus being stationary on a couch with a controller. Just my thoughts. :-) 

  • My son is a game geek. The key is to limit the amount of time spent on the system and make sure they know going in that there is a limit. We have WII and PS3. He's partial to the WII but we play GT5 on PS3 together occasionally. He's limited to about an hour and once it's off, it's off. He is also not allowed to use any of the systems until homework is complete. Right now he's keyed into his Ipod games which, to be honest drives me nuts because he pays zero attention when we speak while he's playing it, but again, once time is up, it's up.  As for buying a system, keep in mind that Nintendo is doing away with the Wii and the new PS4 is about to be released.