Inside Voice

  • My oldest daughter is in kindergarten and she has a great vocabulary and is on the fast track to learning to read. However, she has never been able to master the concept of using an inside voice when inside, and is constantly almost yelling when telling common stories or having a conversation. We have corrected her and at times given her timeout for this, but it only works for a short time. Has anyone had similar problems/concerns? -- Chris, StrongMoms Facilitator

  • Well i come from a naturally loud family, so i know exactly what you mean. It can be hard to break the habit of being loud, especially when you don't realize you're being loud. I will tell you that i have a horrible habit of speaking loudly, but i don't realize i'm doing it, because to me it doesn't sound loud. And i have noticed that as my hearing becomes worse i am noticing that my fiance is commenting more and more that i'm loud. So maybe she's not hearing how loud she is, or maybe she's just caught up in her own excitement. Have you tried something like a sticker chart to reward her for being "quiet"? It may be something that you have to continually remind her of to get her into the habit of talking at an appropriate volume. Maybe before she starts to tell stories remind her to tell them in an inside voice. I also remember my teachers when i was in grade school had a hand signal for using an inside voice (which came out a lot) She would start with her index finger and thumb far apart and slowly bring them together to let us know to quiet down. Maybe some of the other parents will have some more helpful ideas for you.

  • Some great suggestions Brinny... I also have a booming voice and at times forget about inside voice myself! THanks for always being there with great suggestions/advice!

  • Just constant is a hard trait to learn especially when they are excited. I think as they get older it gets a little easier, but my kids still yell at me when they are excited and telling a story~

  • My husband also come from a naturally loud family. Sometimes I am irritated by his being loud voice I kept on telling him that his voice is too loud but it also last for a short time. And sometimes choose to kept silent. He tell me that, most of the time he did not notice that his voice is loud all he know is that its his natural voice and he can't control it for long.

  • Even I myself I don't have the habit of having a loud voice but when times that I am too excited my loud voice would come out without noticing it. 

  • It's true... I don't want to dampen their enthusiasm, but there needs to be progress and my oldest is full of life energy and personality. It's a fine line from discouraging them to be themselves but I am working with her to try.