Riding the Bus

  • Letting my kids ride the bus is very convenient for me, but I often wonder what happens on the bus and whether my kids are being harassed or ridiculed on the bus by older kids. I have heard horror stories from some of my friends who have older children, but my kids don't seem to be unhappy about riding the bus yet. What do you think? Was riding the school bus a good experience or horrible one for you or your children? ~Bonnie, StrongMoms Facilitator

  • I've been wondering if I will do this with my little boy when he's old enough for school. I know you can't protect your kids from everything in life but I have heard some pretty awful stories from people. I can see how convenient it would be, though, and I'm sure there are tons of people who don't have issues when riding the bus...I never did as a kid, so it'd be a new thing for me. I'm interested in hearing what others have to say! 

  • Well i grew up in a really small community so everyone knew everyone... and generally everyone got along for the most part. Some kids were teased, but never on the bus i rode, our driver (who was coincidentally my first boyfriends grandmother)... yeah my town was that small!!!... anyhow our bus driver wouldn't stand for bullying and would write you up for harassment or kick you off the bus...so my bus didn't have that issue.

  • Like Brinny i too grew up in a very small town.  I was wondering if you know of an older child that rides that same bus that could keep an eye on things.  Maybe a 'big brother role".  Just a thought,


  • So far my kids are doing okay on the bus, but I worry about middle school. I guess I am just going to have to take it one day at a time and if he starts to struggle on the bus, then I can always take him off!

  • I think involved parents are one of the biggest factors - being aware of what's going on and taking steps to deal with problems will probably prevent any major issues.