Internet security

  • My oldest daughter is in kindergarten and I am very pleased with the amount of exposure she is getting on the computer. Of course, she is now requesting to use our computer at home and wants to visit some children’s websites. It hasn’t happened yet, but the day is coming in the near future when she will be able to navigate the internet. At what age do you think it is appropriate to allow your kids to surf the internet independently? - Chris, StrongMoms Facilitator

  • That is something I struggle with--especially my 9 year old. I monitor what he looks at, but ultimately I need to invest in some parental software that I can set limits and block sites I don't want him looking at etc.. 

  • I think that it's important that our kids know how to use the internet, and I agree with MommyRN about getting some parental software to support kids in using safe sites.  That being said, just like everything else in life they do need to learn how to keep themselves safe and make good choices.  It's such a balance!


  • Great advice ladies... this is an area that really concerns me. My 2-year old can navigate my iphone better than I can already. I'm afraid that they will be way ahead of us on the tech curve and be able to thwart our monitoring efforts. But I agree, introducing them to technology at an early age is crucial.