Homework Struggles! Ugh!

  • When my son gets off the bus, the last thing he wants to do is his homework, yet if I wait until later it just gets harder! When is a good time for him to do his homework? How do you get your child to do their homework every day?--Bonnie, Strongmoms facilitator

  •  Maybe when he comes home give him a little time to relax with a snack maybe 20 minutes or so and reason with him that if he can get his homework done then he can go out and play or do whatever it is that he likes to do. Maybe that will be enough incentive for him to get his work done at a reasonable time and while the information is still fresh in his head. another idea is a reward system such as a sticker chart or i even saw on "Nanny 911"  instead of sticker charts she had a large pickle jar and the child got to put a ping pong ball in it every time he made progress on his goal. if he was bad or wasn't making progress then he had to take one away. When the jar got so full then he got a reward of his choice. anyway good luck.


  • Brinny-

    I love the jar with ping pong balls, what a great idea!  I'm so sharing that with my best friend who has two daughters ages 3 and 4 years. Perfect for that age!


  • I agree with you Brinny

  • It seems that getting him to sit still after a long day at school is just not working...but if I wait too long, then it is even harder! 

  • I think that having homework time planned into the day, and then start a kitchen timer and promise an hour or less while the kids are younger.  I think having it planned means no discussion needed-it just happens.  -Jess

  • Oh my! I love the ping pong ball idea!! I'm totally stealing this for my kiddo. :-)