Vacation Ideas

  • Where are your favorite places to go on vacation? I’m looking for some family friendly destinations and ideas to go with my extended family – younger and older children will be coming! --Julie, Strongmoms facilitator

  • Julie-I love anywhere with a beach, lots of space to run around, options for being able to fix our own meals, and then some rainy-day options as well-movie theater, or ?  I also love places that have some kids activities as it's nice to balance things out between mom/dad and other help.  There are some great resort towns in the NW that have lots of activity options.

    :)  Jess

  • if you go to a beach of some sort then aquariums are usually easy to find.. they are great for rainy days if you happen to have any. they are also good for the day that you really need a rest from the sun. But i agree that beeches are awesome. 

  • We love Disney World.  It's perfect for my family.  It has something for everyone for us.  Food for my hubby.  Picture taking opportunities for me.  Roller coasters for my oldest son.  Princesses and all girly things for my daughter.  Wild crazy times for my middle son.

  • I agree with a beach or rent a lake house. Those are great because everyone can spend time together without breaking the bank! Plus it is always nice to be in nature. 

  • Mommy_Nikki - How old would you say your kids should be before going? I have a 4 year old and a 1.5 year old. I feel like it would be kind of difficult to take my 1 year old because he doesn't understand Disney and still really needs a nap, etc. When did you find was a good age at which your kids were able to enjoy a day at Disney World?
  • Our very 1st trip, my boys were 3 1/2 and 14 months.  They loved it.  It's surprising the amount of things a young toddler/infant can do.  My daughter was around 20 months for her very 1st trip.  My kids could nap where ever when they're in the stroller, I know I'm lucky in that sense.

    Great thing, if you stay onsite, you can easily go back to your hotel room and take a break.  We would take my mother in law with us.  She would stay in the hotel with the nappers and we'd go to the pool with the non-nappers.  Plus Disney has some of the best childcare rooms I have ever seen.  They have cribs, high chairs, rocking chairs, changing tables, etc...  And if you need something, they usually have something onsite.

    I know a lot of people say to wait and go when the kids will actually remember the trip.  My thought is this, yes, a toddler is not going to remember everything on their own.  Unless you take no pictures, buy no souvenirs, and never talk about it again, then they're not going to remember.  But you're going to take pictures, you're going to talk about the trip, and even if you say you're not, I guarantee you'll buy at least 1 thing.  My kids love looking at pictures from their 1st trip and so on, they look at how they've changed and grew, they remember how they were scared of this ride on this trip but it became a favorite on another.   

  • Mommy_Nikki,

    What great thoughts about those early trips.  You are so right, i even like to look back at picture of the early trips in my life.  I didn't know disney had childcare rooms, that is so cool!  There are lot of resources out there for baby and their parents!


  • I had a friend that recently did a "Staycation" where they stayed at home and did tourist things in their city. They went to the museums and all the fun local tourist spots with the kids. They even played mini golf and ate pizza in the park one day! She said it was a blast and her husband took off work the whole week. The kids still talk about it and it didn't cost a lot of money either!

  • Mommy_Nikki - That's such good information!! Thanks! I think my little one would sleep in a stroller for while. I love the idea of bringing a family member along to help out with nap schedules, etc. Smart move. :-) We may be going to CA sometime this year - maybe we'll splurge on a trip to Disneyland after all! Do you know if kids under a certain age are free??