Very Different Kids

  • My sister’s two kids are very different. One is quiet, thoughtful, and loves to read and cook. The other is loud, funny, and incredibly social and would go to a party every day if she could. I have noticed that my sister is really great about making sure they know she appreciates their different personalities equally. Did your parents do this for you and your siblings? Do you find it a challenge to do this for your kids? --Julie, Strongmoms facilitator

  • I love how you describe your sisters children... That is my sister and I to a T!!! i'm the first described and she is the second. Though we are very different we are the best of friends. I suspect that we are really close because of how our parents raised us. They always embraced our differences and encouraged us to go our own route despite what everyone else was doing. We received the same attention and was taught to love one another for our differences.  She forces me to come out of my "shell" and live; I slow her down and force her to see that she can enjoy the simple things and sit still a while. anyway if it weren't for my parents embracing our differences i'm sure we would be very different people.

  • It is hard, but I do try to make sure I compliment all my children and make them feel loved for their individual traits. Still, someone always seems to get hurt because the sibling competition is strong over here! Oh well, it is a constant battle I am afraid.