Popular culture

  • When my daughters came into our bedroom the other day dancing “Gangnam Style” I felt it was a sign of the apocalypse. Not that I care about the song so much, but because it was proof that my kids are being influenced by popular culture and that their innocence is slowly beginning to recede. What milestones have your children hit that makes you realize that you can’t completely control things to which your kids are exposed? -- Chris, StrongMoms Facilitator

  • Oh gosh, that is a hard one.  I think the thing to come to terms with is that we cannot control what they hear and see but we can help shape what they do with this information.  I think this is where those good conversations come into play-and they are starting earlier and earlier with the more exposure that kids are getting to things at younger ages.


  • Great point Jess... With my oldest finishing kindergarten, the process of becoming more independent has begun. As a Dad to threee girls, I am especially dreading the encroachment into the teenage years which are still a ways off.

  • Oh gosh, I've had a few of those!! Mostly my son imitating things that he sees NFL players do on tv! It makes me really wish that celebrity figures would be careful how they are in public because little kids really idolize them and imitate them. 

  • I think that parents dreading the day that their girls enter the teen zone is so common!  One thing that is available at both our big hospitals is teen classes.  There is a mom and me, a dad and me and a parent and me class.  These are typically run by RNs who have special training in adolescents.  I know that the families meet as a group and that group environment is key for some of the discussions that arise.  I think it's a good idea to start talk with kids when they are itty bitty about those issues that come up with teens.  That way by the time they have reached those teen years they are ready to take it on-with their family, not alone.

    Keep us posted and take some deep breaths!


  • I think once it comes, we will just have to try to take it day by day, show that we care and do what we feel is right. Having three of them somewhat close in age makes me dread those days, but I have a feeling that when those days are upon us, I will feel more equipped to handle them.