• My one daughter is nearing four years old but has recently begun whining about anything and everything. She is small physically for her age and sometimes also resorts to baby voice for attention when things don’t go her way. Has any parent experienced similar trends with their kids? What did you do about it? - Chris, StrongMoms Facilitator

  • Oh gosh, this can be challenging.  I think the first thing is to not reinforce it.  Tell her clearly, I need for you to use your 4 year old voice (or whatever term for not whining you have).  If she asks for something in a whiney or baby voice, you can tell her "if you can ask with your 4 year old voice, I'm happy to -get you some milk".  Then lots of positive reinforcement!


  • Whining is no joke...I have one that does that. I simply tell him that I can not hear him when he talks in that voice and that if he wants us to hear him, then he needs to use his big boy voice and not whine. That usually helps.

  • To echo the others, I tell my son I can't hear him when he talks like that. :-p It does grate on your nerves after a while! lol I also try my best to notice when DOES ask for something in a grown up way the FIRST time and give him praise for doing that. 

  • Ignoring whining has been doing the job, although depending on my daughter's state the whining can become more prevalent, like when she is tired or hungry the whining gets more intense. Working day by day!

  • That's great!  I think it is (as with most things kid related) day by day, and just do the very best you can do.  It sounds like though as for today it's going well.  :) Thanks so much for the feedback on that as it helps me to know too!