• I’m looking into preschools for my son and am finding a wide variety of programs. Some places, it seems, are just glorified day cares while others seem to take learning/academics pretty seriously and actually cost a fortune. Can anyone share their experiences and how they picked out their child’s preschool? -- Julie, Strongmoms Facilitator

  • When I was looking into preschool, I wanted a school that gave the kids some structure but in a relaxed and playful environment. I didn't want them going to "school" because they have the rest of their lives for that, but I didn't want them running amuck either. In the end, I chose a small preschool in a church setting which taught them sharing, caring, and their ABSs. They get to paint, play in sand tables, and do science projects. They even have music every day. While academics is important, it is also important to learn sharing, taking turns, sitting in circle time, following directions, and working well with others. These are the most important "pre" school lessons they can learn and will set them up for doing well in real school.

  • This is what I've been finding! A wise preschool teacher told me that preschool is a time for learning but that social learning is the biggest accomplishment with preschool. Learning to share, respect others, stand up for yourself, and get along in a group are huge lessons for little kids! I think I found the place I want to send him but not quite sure yet. 

  • I'm glad you think you found a school. Choosing that first one is a bit scary but they do great!