The Tooth Fairy

  • What’s the going rate these days for the Tooth Fairy? I was talking to some people at work and they paid all kinds of different rates from a quarter per tooth to 5 bucks a tooth! -- Julie, Strongmoms Facilitator

  • We are planning on doing a $2.00 bill for her first tooth and then a gold dollar coin for every tooth afterwards as long as it has no cavities. If the tooth has a cavity, then a 50 cent piece with a note saying she appreciates the tooth, but loves to get healthy teeth and that healthy teeth are worth more.

  • I just pay whatever I can find--some nights it is $2, sometimes it is just $1.50. I usually give between 1.50 and 3 though.

  • I love the concept of rewards for healthy teeth!  This sure could be a handy "time to brush your teeth" tactic for those nights when it's a struggle.  Great idea!


  • MommyRN4 - hahahah...your post makes me life. Real honesty there! 

    Skatieyonts - cute idea about the healthy teeth! My son told me today he won't brush so that they fall out for the tooth fairy to come and I said the tooth fairy doesn't take dirty teeth, so he hurried up and brushed them! I'll probably use your idea with him. :-) 

  • Yes, I honestly pay whatever I can scrounge together. I told the kids that each of their teeth is worth a specific amount to the tooth fairy and we don't know how she determines if a tooth is expensive or not! So, when I don't have a ton of money, they realize it must have been a cheap tooth! LOL! Then when I can, I throw in a few dollars more so they feel like their tooth was worth it. 

    When they lose their first tooth, however, I do make a point to go get a gold dollar from the bank. I tell them that the first tooth is so special, it is worth gold. :)

  • MommyRN4-

    I love the gold dollar story! 1st teeth ARE special!  I can still remember finding a little collection of 1st teeth in my mom's earing box when I was 10 or 11.  Pretty sad day.  -Jess