Chore Charts—Do you Have one that Works?

  • I have tried chore charts and sticker books, but I can't seem to find a system that actually works for us. I usually do it for a week and am really good about putting stickers on the chart and then we just all forget. Do you have a system that works? Share your successes with others! -- Bonnie, Strongmoms Facilitator

  • I have the same problem Bonnie... we try to get something started and stick to it for 48 hours or so and then life has a way of unraveling. If anyone has a simple process for getting things done I would love to know what it is!

  • In my house growing up we never had a chore chart. Instead what my mom did is cut out pieces of paper and put chores on them. she folded them up and put them in a bucket. Every week each of us would draw a chore out of the bucket and that was our responsibility for the week. The different chores included the living room, kitchen, bathrooms, trash. Each room had specifics for example:

    living room card then you had to dust once and vacuum and pick it up daily.

     kitchen was usually a two person job which included the dining area, putting away the leftovers, doing the dishes sweeping and moping, and wiping down the counters and stove.

    bathrooms: we had to clean the toilet, tub and sink, mop, and get the garbage. the daily task included making sure towels or clothes werent left in there.

    No one had the same chore two weeks in a row unless they failed to complete their chores the week before. As kids we hated it, but as an adult looking back it wasn't that bad.

  • The bucket idea is a good one. I may need to try that. I have just resorted to making them all help with the kitchen at nights and then when we need to pick up toys we all chip in. I set the kitchen timer for 5 minutes and make it a race...we get an awfully lot done in 5 minutes and they don't feel like they had to "work all day".