Smart Tablet

  • While I am pondering purchasing my first smart tablet, I have noticed an ever-growing list of tablets made especially for youngsters. We have a couple of these for very young kids, but what about for kids approaching school age? What has been your experience with smart tablets and what would you recommend?--Chris, Strongmoms facilitator

  • We got a Kindle Fire last year for Christmas because it was on Sale on Amazon (thank you Cyber Monday) and it has been awesome. It is less than $200 and perfect for just about everything we want to do. There are tons of game apps for the kids, you can watch Netflix or surf the web, or you can get books to read. It has really been a good buy.

  • I'm an apple girl so I'm all about the ipads.  Same features plus I'm able to do some limited word processing and e-mail.


  • I still have not pulled the trigger on a smart tablet, but am continuing research... our friends have the iPad and my girls are mesmerized my all the things it does. It's only a matter of time!

  • Lol, I guess this gives you something to worry about funding pre-college (I was just reading your post about have a large family).  If you look at it from that perspective (that of a dad looking at college costs in 2024) an ipad is just pennies!