How to explain divorce in the family

  • Late one night last week, my kindergartener came to the realization that her uncle is divorced. Despite the divorce, her uncle has a good relationship with his kids and his ex. But my daughter has not been able to get over it and has been sobbing most of the past few nights. We have explained that it has been better for everyone involved but it is hard for her to understand, especially considering neither person has re-married. Does anyone have a strategy about this? ~Chris, StrongMoms Facilitator

  • Try talking with her to really get at the root of why she is so sad. Is she afraid it will happen to you and your wife? Is she sad for his kids? Or is there something else the matter. I think that there is something else bothering her than what she is letting on.


  • I agree with MommyRN.  At her age that is a pretty big concept to grasp and have it affect her to the degree that it is.  I'd explore it with her further.


  • Thanks for the advice ladies... she has been better the past few days, and so I don't want to bring it back up right away because it is now simply out of her head. The next time she remembers, I will observe how she reacts and make a judgment at that point to en\gage her regarding her feelings.

  • Sounds good....its probably best not to bring it up if she is already over it! 

  • I agree, good plan!