Playing rough

  • Rough housing between a dad and his children can be tons of fun and a great way to bond when done safely. My son Grant’s favorite part of the day is when his daddy wrestles him on the bed. A few nights ago however, things got a little out of hand and we ended up in the emergency room with a neck injury. Grant is fine and looking forward to his next wrestling match, while my husband may be scarred for life. J Do you have any rough housing experiences you would like to share?

  • Madison is still pretty young for rough housing. But she loves to play this game where she'll sit on me or her mom and "bounce" into us - basically she slams her butt into our legs (or stomachs if she's sitting too high on us). She  thinks its hysterical and will do it over and over again. The bigger the "umph" noise she can get out of us the funnier she thinks it is.

  • Whenever my husband or I play physically with our 2-year-old, we make sure to be extra gentle and have controlled circumstances. For example, Jordan loves standing on our bed and having me push her gently so she flops down. She thinks that's hilarious. She's a rough and tumble kid who gets enough bumps and bruises on her own. We don't want to add to them if possible.

    I worry about my kids roughhousing with each other. My older daughter is 9 and a bigger kid, while Jordan is little for her age. The two adore each other and they get riled up really easily. Rough play is a daily ocurrance! I have to closely monitor them and tell my older daughter when to back off to avoid injury.

  • My oldest son was playing on grandma's bed and the dogs were playing as well.... we were all present but the dogs got a little rowdy and my moms dog knocked our dog onto my son's head while he was trying to climb on the bed.... needless to say that was a fun Christmas vacation.  He developed a lump on the side of his little neck that was HUGE so we took him to the ER and they pretty much told me it was his muscle that got pulled quite bad.  It was awful and I felt horrible, but he's fine and doesn't even remember it. 

  • Embarrassed I know I should worry more, but my daughter bumps herself so often I dismiss a lot of the small stuff these days. Most of the time she wont even notice she hit herself on something she does it so often. And the few big bumps can be forgotten with a quick kiss or another distraction. Thankfully she has managed not to get into any serious situations so far Angel.

  • I'm one of those moms that pays no attention to it unless there's blood.  Realistically I have boys, you have to know whats serious.  My cousins son however, OMG he's a few months younger than my oldest and he's a spoiled rotten brat.  Not spoiled as in gets everything, spoiled as in he says jump mommy says how high.  It's a shame cuz you'd think this kid was a king.  My boys were rough and tumbling all over the place with their 2 cousins, older girls mind you both under 10, the boy comes in gets one tiny bump and starts crying-which escalates into wails if no one pays attention to him that second, like he just got his arm chopped off, he's HORRIBLE!  Did I mention he's 5?  It's like are you serious? But my cousin babies him like he's still this tiny infant when in fact he's just a brat!  I felt so bad for my kids A) because they had to listen to him whine and cry ALL the time, but B) because EVERYTHING that upset him was their fault.  Keep in mind they were sitting there playing contently by themselves with the girls until he comes up and takes the girls away.  It was a nightmare!  One of the worst Thanksgivings ever!