Play Make-Up

  • I’m not a fan of play make-up. Relatives seem to always give my older daughter some kind of kids lip gloss or nail polish for Christmas or birthday. It’s a nice idea, but in practice, it’s just a mess, not only on my daughter, but my carpets and clothes! What are your thoughts on play make-up? Do you like it or is it something you could live without?

  • I used to hate play makeup, but someone gave my 4 year old daughter a kit for her birthday and she absolutely loves it. Since she is 4, she is able to clean up after herself a bit and I made a strict " only in the bathroom" far that is good. If I see any that is left out, I make her come back and clean it up. As far as fingernail painting goes, I make that a strict " only outside" rule. Hopefully this helps!!!

  • I don't mind it. at least it keeps her out of my make up. usually childrens make up isn't as intense and dark. I let my daughter get in the bathtub w/ a baby doll and mirror on teh side and let her put it on herself, teh doll, and sometimes me. Then she's ready for a bath! Once when iw as trying to get ready to go out I let her put some on herself while I did. It was a great bonding time and it kept her occupied.