Help! I can't get my kids to play outside!

  • This summer I attempted to get back to basics by encouraging the kind of childhood I remembered. I bought freezer pops, sidewalk chalk and water toys and encouraged my children to play outside most of the day. Yet even with all the fun toys and activities outside, I was amazed at how reluctant my children were to spend more than 20 minutes outside. They kept asking to come inside to play or to watch TV. What are some ways that you encourage your children to play outside and use their imaginations?

  • I'm sure it's different for all ages, but what we do is take our 2-year old for a walk in her stroller, and go to the local park where she plays on the play ground. We feel that we are getting our exercise, and at the very least, she is guaranteed for more than an hour of fresh air. I can see it getting tough when she is a little older and better able to exercise her own will.

  • First, start playing outside w/ your kids. trhow a ball, play in the sand, ride bikes, run, scream, let them know the joys of outside. Point out a beatiful landscape/sunset/animal/tree. lay on the grass and admire the clouds. the more you seem to enjoy it, the more they will. my daughter will say "Look at that pretty sky god painted for us today!". Also, we have a rule in the house that she doesn't get to watch TV until 7PM. since your kids are probably out of shcool during the summer, this might not be a good rule for you, but I owuld set some time limits on when the TV/games can be on.

  • My son only 4 and i'm sure it's different at different ages. We go out with even just in the backyard and do whatever he wants to do I'm sure i look silly doing it but it's now snowing and he knows mommy doesn't play in the snow but still asks almost everyday if he can go out and play. In the summer we do as many things as possible to do outside. We have a sand box and a Kiddie pool I dont know if you have the room for something like that but giving them something like that might help too.

  • I would make it fun, like put out a water hose and let them get muddy or I would take the TV and other distractions and make them go.  Most kids today or to busy playing with these video games they dont play like we used too.  Some times you may just have to be the bad guy and make them stay outside. Try remote controlled cars or airplanes. You have to be outside yoursel and show them how fun it is, ytrips or walks will help.

  • what do you do when you make them go out then they just sit and not play

  • TechnologySurprise is so advanced these days… children are losing themselves and their innocence to TV, computers, and Video games. Sadly they cannot see that their lives are passing them by and that time is slipping through there hands. my mom only let us watch TV on weekends and limited our time on special occasions like family night when we would all sit and watch a movie and have popcorn and healthy treats every two weeks if we were good. We had our moments of complaining BUT when I look back I have soooo many good memoriesStick out tongue that don't involve sitting in front of the TV all day. I am so grateful to my mother for showing me how to have a more meaningful life. I think if you make TV into a once in a while treat and limit the time on electronics that would help. StarThen the most important part is to go with them outside and encourage by example to have fun.Geeked make up cool art projects for outside, Pizzamaking fun snacks together inside and all kinds of activities together that will leave you and your children a stronger bond, pictures, and memories to last a life time... use paints, glitter, old socks and use your imagination in order to inspire there’s. Look for fun ideas for snacks and projects online like on youtube. Take lots of pictures and have fun!!! Trust me you will have your ruts ,but dont give up because it will be sooo worth it in the end. Take it from a child, of one of the best mothers in the world.Wink