Getting Kids to Share..

  • Sharing with siblings and other children can be a difficult concept for small children and even preschoolers to understand. Echoes of “THAT'S MINE!!!!!” can be heard in nearly every household with small children. What are some of the ways you encourage your children to share with their siblings? Do you allow your older children to have certain toys that are simply off limits to the other ones?

  • I find that it is best to buy two of the same toy if you have children of similar age. If money is a problem, which is can be in this economy, when taking kids toy shopping, explain to them that they can each choose one toy. This way, they are fully aware of which toy belongs to them. This may help with the fighting. It is impossible to have toys off limits to others, but setting up a schedule on an in-demand toy can help! Set aside 20 mins for each child so that everyone gets a turn!

  • I have a 3 year old niece and a 1 year old daughter who CANNOT share anything... They spend a lot of time together so of course we have to teach them frequently to share. I have just started a new stradegy of explaining to them that all the toys in this house are not one or the others... They are everybodys. I have even got my brother, husband, my mother and father involved in this and we all sit around the kids and just share the toys. To be honest it's a lot of work but I am seeing improvments. They learn from things we do, we are just taking advantage of that, even thought that means playing with little kids toys!