Will not sleep unlessed rocked

  • My 6 1/2 year old will not fall asleep  unless i rock him. So when my boyfriends sister was in, we saw how she could just put her 9 month old in the crib at bed time and she would put herself to sleep. So me and my boyfriend attempted the same. My son was not having it. Once i set him down he began crying like crazy! i tried patting his butt, rubbing back/belly, singing, laying my head in the crib, everything. Then i thought he must be in pain, but as soon as i pick him up, he stops crying and begins to rub his eyes again. I have no idea how to break the bad habbit of rocking him to bed. NOw tonight i decided to let him cry it out. He has been bawling his eyes out for the last 15 min ( i have been going in every 10 min) and shows no signs of calming down. I really need help, i do not no what to do, and i dont want to pick him up and show him that all he has to do is cry a little longer and he gets his way. Please let me no if there is anything else i can try

  • Did you really mean 6 1/2 year old? If your 6 1/2 year old needs to be rocked asleep, I would tell a Doc immediately. If it is a 6 1/2 month old (as your pic might suggest), crying it out is the best method in my opinion. Although that is a little on the early stage to try this, instead of going in every 10 mins, increase the time between entering the room by 5 mins each time.

    It is always difficult to stand idly by while your baby carries on, but if you can stand it, it should bring about changes rather quickly.

  • Letting a baby cry it out can be difficult for many parents, even when it is necessary. The trouble is that your son has not "learned" how to put himself to sleep and needs you to do it for him. For a week or two try rocking him until he is ALMOST asleep but remember to put him down BEFORE he actually falls asleep. This way, he will have to lay there and put himself to sleep. After a week, gradually reduce the amount of time you are rocking him and soon, you will be able to lay him down without rocking him at all.

    You can also try some soothing music in his room or a sound machine. I recommend Chopin's Nocturnes or a lullaby CD. You can also try putting on a lighted aquarium toy or a nightlight in case he is a little afraid of the dark. Just make sure it isn't too bright in his room or he won't fall asleep either. Good Luck and let us know what worked!