10 month old, and pregnant again!

  • My daughter Jasmine is 10 months old, and I'm 8 weeks pregnant. My morning sickness was so bad the first time around, thankfully it's not as bad this time. I don't know how I'll be able to handle it. Jasmine will be about 18 months by the time this one is born, and honestly I'm freaking out. My husband seems to be doing okay, but then again, he's not at home all day everyday with a baby. I love being a stay-at-home mom, but can I do it with 2 kids? I guess these are normal worries, right?

  • I am 15 weeks pregnant with our second child my First a son is going to be 5 in march and is fairly independent.  I'm still worried about weather or not i can handle two my husband seems to be just fine with it aswell. I am also a stay at home mom who is trying to get back into college. So i'd go with for some people it normal. And i'm jealous my morning sickness is still around and there are days when i simply can't eat it's so bad, it is most deffenetly worse my second time around then my first.

  • My son Alex is 8 years old, my daughter Syd is 19 months, and by Feb. 18th my second daughter Emilie will join the gang. I got pregnant on Syd's birthday (shhhhh don't tell her...lol) so At Least we made it 1 year before we got preg. again. Fact: Condoms are not 100% effective.

    I had started college when Syd was 3 months old, and no one thought I could do it. I went for medical assisting, and by the time a year had passed I was doing my internship, in TWO OFFICES! That on top of going to day and night classes, taking care of my 2 kids, the house, groceries, laundry-and I finished earlier in December.

    Now I'm taking a break, because I'm so close to popping and I know no one wants to hire a woman who is so far pregnant. (I also feel like I deserve the break, and need to not be so stressed at the end). I'm now home daily with my daughter again, who I swear is driving me nuts but we love each other. She'll be 21 months when Emmy is born, and loves to sing to her sister (my belly) every day. ^_^

    It's been stressful beyond belief. The hormones and mood swings in my last semester alone drove me nuts, and even now I'm in tears half the time. But my husband loves me and my son knows the drill-even though things seem worse this time around, they were there with me when I was pregant with our first daughter.

    It seems like they don't get it sometimes, and they won't. EVER. As guys they just won't. But they love me all the same. What's wonderful is when I'm in tears my daughter will take my face in her little hands, capture my eyes with hers, smile and say "Hi" so sweetly. SHE understands. SHE gets it.

    So even if you're feeling stressed and scared, know that there is always someone there that understands. I never thought I'd have ONE daughter, let alone TWO!! It took me four months to really get over the fact that I was pregnant. And now I can't wait! Definitly find someone you can vent to once in a while though. My sis-in-law went through the 2-kids-close-together thing too, so she REALLY understands the stress. But it's all do-able. Hang in there-IT IS WORTH IT!

  • Hi, I totally understand your situation. I was pregnant when my 3rd daughter was 6 months old. I thought to myself that my daughter was so demanding already and the morning sickness kicked in, how can I do this myself and make it. I had kidney stones on top of it all! It was a rough ride and the whole time I said to myself, i can do this. God put me through this for a reason and if I was not able to handle such a task he would not have put me in that situation. I successfully made it through and delivered my first son.....14 months later pregnant again!!! Again thinking how can I do this? Faith,Belief,and determination! God does what he will, birth control or not!  I was pregnant again another 14 months later with son # 3 who is now 8 months old! I now have 6 kids! You can do it! All of you can! Believe and it will come easily! You will learn to multi task,love another child,do laundry while reading a story to one of you litlle ones and cook dinner all at the same time!

    Any question? Ask and I will do my best to answer!

  • Hi! I totally understand what you're going thru. I have a 27month old, a 9 month old, AND i'm 7 weeks pregnant with my 3rd baby!! My morning sickness is worse that it was with my 2 girls. I have a hard time keeping up with my girls as it is lol! But hey don't worry, you'll do great, i'm sure!! My first daughter was 18months when i had my second one too. I thought it would be super hard but it wasn't. Mia, my older one, has loved her baby sister since the day we came home from the hospital. She was too young to understand jealousy at that time, and for that i'm grateful. They are the best of friends now! 

  • Congrats! It seems overwhelming right now and there will be times when it is overwhelming once the new baby arrives, but don't start worrying now. Do you have a good support system? You may need some help once the baby is born. It will be difficult raising two babies at once....it won't be easy, but mothers can handle anything! Your worries are completely normal. If your husband is on your side, then the two of you can make it work!

  • not that this helps you but i have a 15 month old and i just found out i'm 9 1/2 weeks pregnant.  consider yourself lucky that you are a stay at home mom because i am not.  i work full time.  it is incredibly hard to raise a child and work and to be honest i am petrified that i may not be able to handle 2 babies.  i was on birth control to prevent this but i got sick and the antibiotics interferred with it.  everyone i talked to about this thinks that us moms can handle it because we adapt to it when it's face to face.  my husband is very supportive about this situation, in fact he's excited, it's me that is worried.  he advised me that we just take one day at a time. 

  • i have a 7year old 5year old though i wasnt going to have more well ive got a 17m &6m they are 11 m apart  i went to have my tubs tied and found out now i about pull out my hair every day the two older ones will not play or help with the babys the 17m is so spuiled he thinks u have to hold him all the time he doesnt like his dad to touch the other kids but he will let me right now he is cutting teeth running a fever does anyone have some tips

  • Hi there,  I know you wrote this awhile ago, but im curious how things are working for you and if you have any advice.  Im in the same position as you were.  I have a 10 month old and and am 7 weeks pregnant.  My husband is gone at work at least 10 hours a day so im alone with no help.  If you have a  moment, let me know how  your doing.  Thanks, Gwyn    ghoffa4444@hotmail.com

  • I completely understand what you are saying. I am a mom of 4 girls! 7, 4 1\2 and 3 and 10months Crazy! A stay at home mom and I find some way to do everything 3 of them are in school my 3year old just started and wow.... I get asked many times how do you do it all I can say is I have NO idea! I learned from my grandmother she raised my brother and I and was also a stay at home mom. Learning to do thing more and more when you add another  child to what you already have seems almost impossible it is not cut out for all moms but we do it. My husband calls our 10month old the alarm clock that the snoze  button is broken lol... In other words get her out of bed so I can sleep for 30 more mins before I go into work.... Life is great hard crazy stressful. We as moms make it happen home work snack after school dinner bath singing while giving bath haha my kids learned there ABC's that way, book time, bed time prayers mommy's a thousands times, that alone makes me nuts, I'd never change it just add more to it and that is what we plan to do. Praying for a boy yes! 5 kids 6,7 hmm well maybe LOL I think my husband would lose his mind if we had another girl. Poor man! 

  • Mommymammamom - love your post!! Your attitude is honest and refreshing - motherhood is crazy and amazing and nuts and wonderful all at the same time! I hope you guys get that boy you are going after - he is going to be well cared for by all of his sisters! Hahaha :-) 

  • If you still get on here exactly what you said is how I feel now. I have a 10 mo  son and am 8 weeks. aaah i'd love to see how it went


  • Cotton-I am not the original poster, but I can tell you that my best friends little girls are very close together and she wouldn't have it any other way.  They are the best playmates and best of friends.  I think things can get a bit chaotic at times, but she takes it all in stride.  I just love hearing those two playing tea and dress up together.  It's worked out perfectly for her and her family.


  • Cotton - congrats! I have a co-worker who got pregnant when her first was just 3 months old! My goodness...she was pretty overwhelmed at the time but now she says she loves how close they are in age. They share all the same experiences and fun things together and she can't imagine life with kids who are far apart in age. Hope you find the same!