I need things to do with my toddler

  • I recently lost my job and will now be staying at home with my 18 month old son all day. I am looking for things to do with him so that A.) he is learning and B.) I dont go crazy.  He is very active and its hard for me to get him to sit still for very long.  I think the only time he sits still is when Chuggington is on (Its a new train show on Disney, Very Cute) Any ideas would be great Smile

  • There are several great books out there that are filled with activities to do with toddlers and preschoolers. Look online and grab one or two or check them out from your local library. At his age, it is very hard to sit still, so look for activities that engage his senses. Playdough, fingerpainting, playing in a water table etc...can all be great learning experiences and he will have a blast too. Also, look for everyday ways to teach. For example....if you are picking up his Thomas trains, you can count them for him. Get a milk jug and some clothespins and have him practice his fine motor skills by dropping the clothespins in the milk jug etc. Good luck and HAVE FUN!

  • I'm a stay at home mom with my 16 mo old daughter. We go to the public library twice a week for a playgroup. It's a 40 minute class. They read books to the kids, play music, dance, shake bells and play with toys. There's a lot of interaction and the kids love it. And it's free! I also get together with several friends who have children my daughter's age about once a month.

  • Have you looked into the YMCA or other areas in your town. Also now would be a great time to go to the library or zoo or any other outtings that would peak his intrest.  The park is also a great place or the lake or anything like that.  Also look into mommy and me classes like swimming, or do art projects.  There may be some places where you guys can do several things together.  Try calling the daycare centers in your town or Parks and Rec or even the boys and girls clb, they should be able to give you some direction.