Extracurricular activities in winter

  • Now that winter is approaching, your child may become less active. During the summer months, your child may have been riding bikes, swimming, running at the park, or skating. The warm weather brings families outside, but now that the weather is changing, many kids avoid going outdoors. How do you keep your kids active during the winter months?

  • It is a constant struggle, but lately I have been telling my oldest two that they need to go outside and shovel the snow off the back deck. Once they get out there, they start to have a blast throwing snowballs etc and sometimes I even get a clean deck!

  • It's a good question... here on the east coast, there is more than a foot of snow on the ground currently, so it's hard for my 2-year old to get out and move around. We do a lot of chasing through the house, but it has been a struggle.