My 3 year old boy won't use the potty!

  • My son who just turned 3 at the end of November refuses to use the potty. He has gone pee on it before, but refuses to use it all the time.  I have tried everything, rewarding him, putting him in underwear all day(which he just pees in and tells me he wet the floor), bribing him, ect. Maybe I'm doing something wrong or he is just too stubborn b/c he is a very bright boy and knows when he has to go and when he has already gone. I am at my wit's end. Please if anyone has any suggestions or has experienced this themselves, let me know. I also have a 4 month old, and i'm sick of changes diapers ALL day long!

  • While your son is certainly "Physically" ready to use the potty, he may not be "emotionally" ready to do so. Boys notoriously potty train later than girls and can be rather difficult. Talk to your pediatrician to rule out any physical problems such as a bladder infection or constipation, but you may simply have to wait a little longer. My oldest was 3 1/2 before potty training completely. If you just can't can't stand it anymore... I suggest getting a few potty videos to show him like "Potty Power" and "Elmo uses the potty".Then read up on potty training and stick to your guns. It may take some time, but he will get it.

    My best advice though is to keep talking it up with him and encouraging him to be a big kid, but don't push him. Pushing him to potty train before he is completely ready can set him up for failure and for issues such as constipation which can be incredibly difficult to correct.

  • Your son will potty train when he is ready. They have to be physically and emotionally ready to potty train. Read him books about potty-training and show him some videos. Give him some time...

  • my oldest was not even close to being ready until 3, then it took pretty much an entire year to get it all done (he had poop issues).  he had some problems with constipation and he would try to hold it and it would get even worse.  i would back off for a month or so and then try again.  my mom suggested the following and it worked like a charm.  Make diaper changing strictly business,  you don't have to be mean, but tell them to lie down and then do the job, no fun, no games, no tickling, no chasing.  make potty a big fun deal, if he has success, chase him around the house screaming that he went in the potty, have a parade with any instruments you may have, pretty much make a complete idiot out of yourself to reward him, and laugh while you do it.  you will have fun and pretty soon, he'll want to have that much fun again.  to get him to poop the first couple of times, i had to buy a present and wrap it up and put it where he could see it.  when he asked what it was, i told him that it was a poopy prize, and when he went poop in the potty, he would beable to open it. 

  • I am training my son who is 2.5 yrs old.  He's being very cooperative when I didn't pressure him to go.  Just ask if he needs to go, don't push when he says no, and try again in 5-10 mins.  Today is the 3rd days and he starts telling us when he needs to go.  Good luck. 

  • This may sound harsh, but it is amazing.  Worked on 3 year old obstinant twins!  When they went in their pants they were required to go to the bathroom, take them off and clean them in the toilet for both numbers.  They were old enough to know that they were supposed to be using the potty, but needed the push to understand what YOU go thorugh cleaning up after them.  They must clean up their puddles and their panties.  They then have to redress themselves.  This will often take them away from something more fun or entertaining and they begin to understand that what would have taken 2 minutes to potty, instead took 10 minutes to clean up and get back ready.  It took ours 3 times to get it and from then on it was only legitimate accidents:)  Also take the steps to put him on the potty in the morning and each time you go.  It helps get the point accross.

  • my son was 3.5mo when he finally used the restroom. he also refused to use the potty and wouldnt fall for the bribes, underwear and rewards. it can be frustrating when they pee all over the place and or still use diapers/trainers because they can be costly, but they know when they are being pressured. just take it easy and talk to him nicely about becoming a big boy. my son was eager to being a big boy when i told him about it and i would take him to the restroom and show him how to do it on his own. i also made it into a game so that he would have fun. at the store they sell little flushable things that you can drop in the potty and he can practice aiming at it. they really helped.