Potty Training Ideas

  • I think every parent looks forward to the day when they no longer have to change diapers. But that day comes at different times for every child, which is why my philosophy is to let your child guide the way. When they’re ready, it will happen.

    My older daughter was three-and-a-half when she was finally potty trained. My youngest just turned two and has been using the potty on a regular basis for months. Though she’s still in training pants, she’s learning fast and enthusiastic about going to the bathroom like a big girl.

    What are your thoughts and opinions on potty training? What has worked for you in helping to transition your child from diapers to the potty?  

  • My daughter is 21 months and potty traained.  when she turn 1 i put a little potty seat in her bathroom.  I would take her in with me when i had to go and when she was 15 months she started wanting her diaper off to sit down.  At 18 months i would say."time to go potty" about every 45-60 minutes. She did not always go but she learned how is felt to have to go.  now she is potty trained and it is awesome.  she still has accidents but those are getting less frequent.

  • That is great. My daughter is also 21 months and loves to use the potty. Are you using panties or pullups? Mine cries for panties, but I still have her in a diaper. Sometimes it is a cloth diaper, others I use Parent's Choice. She is still soaked when she wakes up though.

  • We've been in the Pull-ups phase for a while. Last weekend, actually, Jordan took off all her clothes and declared no more Pull-ups. I decided to see how she'd do with underwear. I thought it would be a good learning experience. Well, long story short, she was so excited about wearing the underwear, but could not get the hang of putting her pee-pee in the potty and not her pants.

    She's so on-and-off with it, it's so strange! It's like she knows what she's supposed to do and knows what it feels like, but only does it when she feels like it.

  • I use these vinyl under pant things (they are made by gerber) when we go out but at home she uses those training pants that are a little bit thicker than panties..  My daughter is allergic to pull ups.  She gets hives all over from them.   We still use diapers for naps and at night though.  But she has been waking up dry about 4 mornings a week though.  She has not had a poopy accident in about 2 weeks.  She is doing well.  I haven't been able to find any panties that fit her.  she is only in a 18 month size and i can't find panties that small.

  • Wash them in hot and dry them on high heat!

    My husband actually potty trained my son. He took his pants off and his underpants and put the potty chair in the living room. He turned the tv on and left the room. When he came back a little while later there was pee in the potty. He left again and when he came back there was a turd in the potty! And that was the end of the potty training. He really didnt have a choice he was about to pee and there was the potty and nothing in the way!!

  • Try to wake her up one day or go in right before she is about to wake up and see if she peed. She probably wakes up lays there, has to pee and does! She may not pee all night.