Look What I Can Do

  • Dressing yourself is different than dressing your child. Teaching them to dress themselves can help take off some of the burden of fighting with them. Already my daughter has mastered bringing us her shoes as well as putting them (somewhat) on. While she cannot actually dress herself the rest of the way she does know where to put each body part at the right time to speed up the process. The funny thing is I don’t actually remember teaching her to do this; she just seemed to pick it up that doing this would help her out to. What things have you watched your child figure out for themselves?

  • My daughter can dress herself, but sometimes it turns out very interesting.  There is usually something on backwards or inside out.  The funniest thing was when I went to pick her up from my mom's house one day after work.  I walked in the door and Lily was putting on a pair of panties.  She had one of the leg holes around her waist and the panties were not covering up anything.  When I asked her if she wanted help she told me that she could do it herself.  She wound up breaking down and letting me show her the right way, but it was quite a sight to see.

    It's also been interesting to watch my daughter go through the pre-reading process.  She cannot actually read any books on her own yet, but she will look at the pictures and make up stories.  We've also been borrowing simple books from the library.  She loves these because she can memorize the whole book after one reading.  After she knows the story she will sit and "read" it out loud over and over again.  Very cute!

  • That's too cute! Mine has just started pulling books into the rocking chair where she will sit and babble to herself as if reading them. She's also starting to try to dress herself, usually by pulling pants over her head or putting her legs through shirt sleeves lol. Thankfully she's also starting to let us help her get dressed, which has been a nice change of pace from the fighting.