Sharing bedrooms or Private Bedrooms--Which is better?

  • When my 4th child was born, I put all three of my older children in a bedroom together. They are 6,4 and 2. They love sharing a room and have a good time (most of the time). Do you think children NEED their own bedroom or is it better to share a room with your siblings? 

  • Like anything, there are pros and cons. But my opinion is that dedicated parents can make anything work. Children are very adaptable and can deal with change better than adults. I guess if you have the option, a private room would offer sounder sleeping, but I don't think there is a right or wrong answer here.

  • I would think the only true down side of sharing a room is becoming dependent on someone being there in order for you to sleep, which can be an issue later in life when they move out. I have a friend who grew up with 3 sisters and she can not stand to sleep alone. Which has caused her to stay in bad relationships, as well as sleeping with her child in the bed, because she can not stand to sleep in a room alone. Boys I am sure will be a little different.
  • I agree that there are pros and cons about sharing a room. I know that allowing a child to have his/her own room bestows independence and responsibility; however, sharing a room can facilitate a bonding experience between siblings that can develop a strong friendship. It all depends on you and your children. Both ideas would work fine!

  • Generally speaking, I wouldn't say that one is better than the other. I think it really just depends on the children. My boys love sharing a room but they get along very well anyway. I think that if you have children who do not get along as well, they may need their own space.


  • I shared a bedroom my whole life with my sisters and as the oldest I became more mad and mad at them all the time then when I got my own room I couldn't sleep. Now as an adult I still relay on having someone else in my room in order to feel safe and be able to sleep. Before I got married I lived in a dorm with a roommate and now I have my husband.

  • Well things are a bit better, although they do tend to keep each other awake a bit longer than if they were by themselves, but I like the bonding they are experiencing. I think in a year we will move the baby into the room with the other boys and then move our daughter into her own room. But things have settled down a bit!

  • I shared a room with my sisters (different ones at different times) and thought it was a good experience.  I think sharing a room with siblings is a great way to teach children how to get along.  The only issue I have with sharing a room is when there is too big of an age difference.  My friend had to share a room with her sister (4 yrs younger) and my friend could not have certain things because her little sister was too little to have those toys, makeup, etc. out. 

    Also my sister's stepson shares a room with his younger siblings (at his moms house) and has to share the bed with his younger brother.  The age gap is really bad -- who am I kidding, that whole situation is bad.

    **Anyway -- I think sharing a room is okay (sharing beds NOT okay) as long as the age difference is not to big.


  • See they should be given their separate bed room but the thing is that if they love to share their room then else not but I think your children are to young to make them separate.  

  • Those are all such great points! For now, we don't really have a choice and they have to share rooms, but hopefully in a few years we will buy a bigger house and some of them will get their own rooms!

  • i think it matters on the sex's of the children. And if you have the money to give them there own rooms. me and my older sister shared a room for the longest time and we didnt getalong at all. still dont lol. sharing a room can make them love each other more or just want to go at each other. its 50/50. just do what you feel is right....

  • I'm going to have a second boy and he will be sharing a room with my first. There is nothing wrong, in my opinion, with sharing rooms. What matters most is that kids have a clean, comfortable, and safe place to live. No one ever died from sharing rooms with their siblings - it builds character. ;-) I think of many children who live in very desperate circumstances in third world countries or even here in America with poverty and think we are quite blessed to even have rooms in which to live in. There's my two cents. ;-)