Potty training

  • No problem!! There are some really great products out there to help get your child interested in potty training. We even bought a baby doll that drinks a bottle and "pees" in the potty. Then we encouraged our daughter to "be the mommy" and teach her baby how to use the potty like a big girl. By teaching her doll, she had to learn what to do. We got excited for her baby doll and soon...she was going potty all by herself as well!!!

  • My daughter just turned two last week.  She is potty trained.  I started training her at 16 months.  I left her without a diaper during the summer and believe me many accidents occured.  You just have to be patient with your child.  I would always encourage her that she needed to go to the bathroom like mommy.  And each time I would go I tell her  that mommy was a good gilr and that she could be like mommy.  You need to let t your child now that diapers are stinky and you dont want to be a stinky person.  I always tried watching signs of her when she was wetting her diaper and I would tell her, " ya pipi time" and rush with her to the bathroom.  Even though she wet her diaper I would still take it off and put her on the potty.  And now a mother of  a 2 yr old and 7 month old, one less in diapers is great.  And always reward you child when they do go to the potty with a fruit or snack.  IT really works.



  • My little girl is almost 3 and we cant get her to go on the potty for ANYTHING! She'll sit on it but will not go, even though she knows exactly what to do. She says she's a big girl but won't give up her pull up's for "big girl" undies?!?!?!?! HELP!!

  • my son is two and a half and he wants to use the potty and gets excited, but he just wont use the potty. I am due in aug and would like him to be trained bu then. help i need advice