Going from a Good Eater to a Picky Eater

  • Getting my little one to eat anything at all has always been a struggle. But around a year, I was able to get her on a pretty regular schedule of eating a variety of nutritious foods. Then at about 18 months, she started to reject everything I offered, and since then, mealtime has become somewhat of a battle. Has this happened to you? How have you dealt with these swings in eating preferences?

  • My four year old is eating me out of house and home right now. He used to not eat anything. My 21 month old just stares at her food. It is super annoying.

  • Mine have all gone through various stages of pickiness.  Be patient, but continue to offer foods that they may be rejecting at the moment.  You never know when they might change their minds about broccoli!

  • Of course both my kids are weird because they both LOVE broccoli. Go figure.

    Here's something interesting my mom told me. A friend of hers has a grandchild who had similar issues, and after having her adenoids removed was a much better eater.

    My daughter is going in for surgery next week to have a second set of tubes put in her ears, and they're taking out her adenoids, too. Though it's her chronic ear infections that have necessitated the surgery, I'm interested to see if it has any effect on her appetite.

  • My daughter is one of the oddballs too!  She loves broccoli, salad, carrots, peas, green beans and just about every other fruit and vegetable.  What I really have problems with is getting her to eat meat that isn't a hot dog or chicken nugget.  If I make a casserole or something she'll usually eat whatever is in that, but she even picks the beef out of her spaghetti and the pepperoni off her pizza.  She's 4, so I can only guess that the meats are going to be an acquired taste for her.  And if your kids love the broccoli, I'd go with it!  Fix it for them often, but include it with other foods (like a casserole)

    Hopefully your daughter's surgery does help.  I know I had my tonsils and adenoids taken out at the same time.  It didn't really change my appetite as far as how much I ate, but it did change my taste for things.   I was only in second grade so my best example I can remember is that they used to have this type of mexican pizza that I totally hated before my surgery.  Afterwards it became one of my favorite school lunches.

  • That's really interesting. I never thought about how it migh affect her tastes. I'll definitely have to keep an eye out and try to encourage her to try new foods afterward.

    Broccoli is a staple in our house. I swear I should buy stock in BJ's Warehouse for the big packages of frozen broccoli we buy! They both also like the fruit strips that Gerber Graduates makes. I just found "adult" versions of the strawberry variety at Target. Nice and thick, it's a good serving of fruit and the kids just know it tastes yummy.

  • well sit down and say hello to my little friend!!!!!!!!!!

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