Teenagers and a Newborn!!

  • Hello, I am a new mom again, I have a 15yr old step-daughter, a 13yr old son and a 6 week old!  While they are very helpful at times, at other times I feel as if my 15yr old step-daughter is trying too hard to play mother hen to the baby.  I am very defensive this time around as far as keeping my mother, mother-in-law, and now even my step-daughter at arm's length when it comes to doing anything for the baby.  Are these feelings normal??  I am afraid that they will over run my baby and I have a strange feeling like they are trying to be his mother!!!  Please help with any ideas on how to establish some boundries, especially with the step-daughter, she lives with us and I don't want there to be any tension in the house, I want her to enjoy her little brother, but at the same time I AM the mother!!!

  • They are just trying to be helpful to you out of love for both you and their new sibling. You are very lucky that you have help whenever needed and children who love and appreciate the new addition to the family. Right now, you are feeling overprotective of your new little one, but realize that there is no harm being done. If this still bothers you, explain to them that if you want help, you wil ask them, but try to include them as much as possible to avoid jealously issues.
  • IT is natural to want to be the ONLY mother for your child, but I think it is great that your step-daughter is helping you so much. Try to include her as much as you can and be sure to let her know when she steps over the line. She is practicing her skills so that when she is a mother, she will have some great experience. Good luck.