Having twins!!!

  • We are having twin girls due in April.  I need help on how to keep my 2 yrs old in the loop so he doesn't feel left out.  He is a mama's boy and won't let mama hold any of his cousins, he cries, throws a fit and tries to push them off my lap.  I am excited about the twins but also feel very bad for what my baby boy will soon have to go through. 

  • We don't have twins, but my oldest and middle child are 17 months apart and we struggled with the same guilt. What helped us is getting your son involved in the process of your pregnancy, so he will be excited and anticipating having a younger sibling. It turns out our older daughter wasn't really visibly fazed at all. She was good to her sister and was excited for mommy. She would have some tantrums at times, but what 2-year old doesn't? Congratulations and remember, whatever short-term problems your son will have will pale in comparison to the new life-long best friend you are providing him!

  • Congrats!! How exciting! It is sweet that your little boy adores you so much. He will be blessed to have sisters soon to dote on! Perhaps you could check out some books on becoming a big brother from the library. Talking to him about the babies coming and what that means, both easy and hard aspects, will help him prepare. Another idea is to get two little baby dolls and sort of model for him what it will look like for him to help you take care of the babies. Holding, changing diapers, etc. No doubt he will have some adjusting to do but I hope it is a smooth and easy process. Congrats again!
  • I had my twins first so my situation was a little different from yours. But when I got pregnant with my daughter, I tried to always make them feel involved. I would always talk about what we would do when "our baby" was born so they would feel connected to her even before she arrived. After she was born, we really tried to have them involved in helping as much as they were able to do - they could grab diapering supplies for me or help hold a bottle. I'm so excited to hear about your twins!