Help! What's the Best Toy You've Ever Bought?????

  • My son just loves Legos and he can spend hours building spaceships and gadgets, yet other toys I have bought go untouched in the closet and were a true waste of money. What toy did you buy for your kids that turned out to be worth every penny? What are your top recommendations?

  • That's a hard one because it seems so individual. I have twin boys and it seems like they each have a different favorite. One of them is a snuggler and he loves stuffed animals. The other one is a little more animated and he loves really interactive toys and balls.

  • This is an old post, but thought i would bump it up with a few of my favorites. I don't have children, but I care for a lot of children as a nurse and then have a bad habit of getting my friends children fun stuff. I always ask parents at well child checks what their child's favorite toy is. Some of the kids have hands down a favorite toy. Dolls seem to still be very popular, those new "water babies" are a big hit. I did get a friends 3 year old a "water baby" that is made for bath time. She is completely waterproof, comes with a bath robe, shampoo, towel, ect. Too cute! Toy story character dolls (Woody and Buzz) are very popular as well. Barbie (although hard for those of us trying to promote good body imagine in our girls) is still pretty popular as well. Game wise-apples to apples for kids over 9. Monopoly, Life, Sorry-all still seem to be hits. Chutes and Ladders and Candy land for the younger crowd. For girls anything and everything horse is always a good bet. You have to watch some of the pony sets though as they come with tons of little combs, barrettes, and other assorted pieces that can be a choking hazard for the younger horse lover. Higher end stuff-anything wii makes for very happy kiddos. Funny though as some parents pause when I ask the toy question, and I always smile and ask "Your Cell phone?" (As a favorite) and they always laugh and say -YES!! Would love to hear what others think are hits! -jess
  • I would just have to say that the old standby's are still great. Nothing beats balls, sidewalk chalk, bubbles, markers, play-dough, and building blocks for my little guy. He has interactive, battery operated toys that he likes but his enthusiasm for them comes and goes. He will always play with those "old-fashioned" toys regardless.

  • Have you seen the big bubble wands? You can make large bubbles and make long bubbles as well. They are super fun to do outside in the sunshine as you can get a rainbow reflection in them! Very cool!! I think my favorite today as a child was my cat though-loved to dress her up in doll clothes and she was tolerant! :) -Jess