Help! How do I pick the perfect pet for my kids?

  • I want to get our children a pet this year, but I don’t know whether to get a dog, a cat, or something a bit smaller. What type of pet do you have? Is there a “best” pet for kids?

  • MommyRN4- There are many options for pets for a family. I was the kind of kid that wanted pets-any pets, as a kid. I begged for a cat, a dog, a horse, ect. We started with a nice fully grown cat who stayed with our family until I was well through college. When I was in middle school my parents finally resented and decided that we could get a dog. We did a lot of research on what kind of dog would best fit with our lifestyle. We then visited a dog show and met with the breeds that made our top 3 list. We asked the trainers and owners a lot of questions, met a lot of the dogs, and had fun watching them in the show ring. We finally decided on shelties, and they were a perfect fit from day one. We got our first dogs from a breeder that had to many dogs, so we got them through a sheltie rescue program. Missy was 1 year and Megan was 7 years when we adopted them. Adopting older pups and two at the same time worked really well for our family. This breed can be a bit nippy though so not the best for all families. What are you currently thinking about? -Jess
  • when i was getting a pet for my 6 year old daughter it was wanna make your kid happy and get them what they want. but its not always right for them. so i got her a hamster because not only did it teach her responsability but it taught her to be  kinder and gettler with stuff that if smaller then about to have a baby in febuary and she understands that she has to be gentell with her sister that shes smaller than her. i hope i help you out a little. good luck


  • padillajm-

    I love the contributions that you made to this post.  I think that your daughter will make a great big sister, and you have provided her with the opportunity to learn how to be responsible and caring.

    Kudos to you!