Extreme Teething!!!!

  • My daughter is 13 months old and for the last month she has been cutting tooth after tooth. She has restless nights, and long days. Sense this is my 1st child I'm not entirely sure what to do. I've been giving her orajel and tylenol but nothing seems to work. She hates the teething rings, and those teething tablets seem to do nothing for her. We've been to the doctor and she says we just have to ride it out. My daughter wakes up in the middle of the night sweating and screaming. Does anyone know any good tricks???

  • So we are 100% sure it isn't an ear or tummy problem? If you are, then make sure you are giving the correct dose of Tylenol for weight. You might also switch to Motrin if your doctor says it is okay. It tends to work a little better for pain and it lasts longer. Again, only if your doctor says it is okay. Also be sure to use Oragel no more than 4 times a day because it is possible to overdose.

    The best things for sore gums are massage and cool. I always kept wet washcloths chilled in the fridge to massage my babies gums with. I also froze banana and whole grain bagels and then placed them in a safety feeder. I'm not sure if it made their gums feel better or if they just liked the way it tasted as it melted, but it calmed them down quickly. :)

  • Have you tried a cold carrot or another fruit/vegetable that she can gnaw on, but not really chew any pieces off, or even an ice pop? This can help give her a different taste and texture that may keep her interested in chewing.

    How about any type of baby book that has a teething corner? She might not recognize it as a teething ring and that may help her accept it. My little one will be two in a few days and she still chews on everything -- books especially.

  • I feel your pain with the teething rings, my daughter used to wear them like bracelets when I handed them to her (eventually we just got rid of them). Honestly whenever she teeths (she's 15 months and still has more of them to come) we do just about the same - give her orajel on the tooth area, the dose of tylenol our pediatrician said was okay for her weight, and we also found a bottle of milk to really do the trick. The coolness of it fresh out of the fridge, along with the sucking action seems to lull her back to sleep in the night and soothe her mouth. Also when we know she is cutting a new tooth we pre-emtively give her the tylenol and orajel just before bedtime to help ease her through the night (it's about 50/50 for works v wears off during the night but I'll take those odds Wink).

  • I prefer ibuprofin (Motrin) over Tylenol for my kids since it lasts up to 8 hours. It works just as well for teething as Tylenol and helps soothe through the night.

  • My girlfriend had twins and it was a double whammy because everything happened by two's but she did the trick of the frozen washclothes.  It was comforting to them and if you over soak them and aren't afraid of the water as they melt your baby will probably be having fun with a wet washcloth.  My son teethed early and SCREAMED for about an hour or 2 before he cut a tooth.  We gave him a wooden spoon to chew on and he LOVED it!  He never used teethers or rings just the spoon!  Then came my nightmare...or so I thought..... While chewing on the spoon he unexpectly cut a tooth....and bled everywhere.  He's caught a blood vessel when the tooth cut and bled for a few minutes....terrifying for a first time mom, but my mother is a nurse and calmed me down when we realized thats all it was.  So be prepared for that as it could happen to you.  My brother still uses whiskey on his son.... its frowned upon but it helps him.