Funny things kids say

  • I am loving this older, more talkative stage of my son’s life. He is 3 and able to say some pretty funny, imaginative stuff. Share a funny story that involves your kids and something they did/said recently. :) --Julie, Strongmoms facilitator

  • My child is 1 yr and 7 months but she's so talkative already. Most of the time I just keep on laughing at her because I did not expect she can say those words. When I call my friend by her name, she also say it the same way I say it. And even on what ever I did at home she also follow it. She's so intelligent baby said most of my friends and neighbor because at her age she knows a lot .

  • Well my daughter really isn't speaking in sentences yet, but she is getting the concept of "bye bye".. Yesterday she saw the mail man cross in front of our house and started waving and saying bye bye to him hahah. I cant wait for hazel to be able to communicate better. I'm sure she's going to have some wild things to say.

  • My son has had some great ones lately: 

    We were at my grandmother's house and she gave him an orange for a snack...

    Grandma: That orange is kind of wrinkly, isn't it? 

    Son: Yah, like that! *points to the skin on her hand* 

    Hahahah, so funny and terrible all at the same time! (She laughed pretty hard)