Sharing rooms

  • With the arrival of our fourth baby, the clock will be ticking for us to have one of our girls move into a room with another. We have four bedrooms, meaning either our 2-year old will have to move in with our four-year old, or our four-year old will have to move in with our five-year old. Assuming space is not an issue, which combination do you think will work better? -- Chris, StrongMoms Facilitator

  • With not knowing your girls i would think that pairing your 4 and 5 year old  would be the best option. I would think that a two year old could really cause bedtime issues not to mention that the interests of a 2 and 4 year old are pretty different as well as the types of toys they play with and they way they play.

  • I guess my instinct is to place the four and five year old together but I suppose I'd take a look at their personalities, too. Do your four and five year old compete and argue together more than they do with their younger sister? Maybe it'd make sense to go by personality rather than just groping the older kids together. Good luck! 

  • Yeah Brinny's idea is a good idea. I highly agree on that.

  • I agree...put two older kids together. The two year old will just keep the older ones awake. When they are older you can move them around so the ones that go to sleep well share a room and the one that has trouble falling asleep is in a room by herself!

  • Logic would dictate that the two older girls would be a better fit, but PediNurse Julie got it right... our two oldest are very competitive while my 4-year old is more nurturing to the 2-year old. I think either combination would work, but luckily we still have a month or two before baby goes out of Mom and Dad's room before we have to make the final decision.

  • Why don't you do a trial run with the girls.. and when you move the baby into his room then you can make the final decision.  Try which ever pair you think would work best first and just see how it goes. if for whatever reason it isn't working then you can always switch it up. 

  • I'll be curious to see how it goes. :-) 

  • It's trial and error for sure. One thing we know is that kids can adjust to almost any situation. We are still trying to figure this out and will need to see how the sleeping patterns are when we are ready to make the move in the coming months. Thanks for the feedback ladies. I will keep you posted when we make the switch!