Wake-up difficulties

  • Both my wife and I work full-time which makes our mornings very hectic. One of the biggest problems is that we spend a half an hour each morning trying to wake our two older girls. They are heavy sleepers but we just can’t spare the time anymore. What do you do to get your heavy sleepers out of bed in a timely fashion? -Chris, StrongMoms Facilitator

  • Try and set out clothes the night before, stick to a bed time, and lastly water...lol I've seriously only saw this in movies, but after a few times I'm sure they wont be an issue. or maybe a airhorn ugh.

    You could maybe if they don't wake up after 3 times of trying let them sleep and wake them up with like 20 mins to get ready and how they look is how they look you're leaving either way. They'll either learn to get ready quickly or deal with what they look like. That's what I'd do...maybe try the water last lol

    do you have a dog? licking of the face maybe

  • No dog... the water thing is a good idea... miraculously in recent days, they have been doing a better job of waking up for one reason or another. Maybe the fact the school year is ending is a reason why!

  • maybe, I didn't even think of there not being school, throws the whole 'go to school with what you look like' one out the window (: but glad to hear they are getting up easier!

  • My best advice is an earlier bedtime. If you put them to bed at 9:00 but they are not waking up easily when you need them to, then make bedtime at 8:00 or 7:30. Get blackout curtains in their room if you need to. Your kids should be able to get out of bed in the morning with little prompting. If they don't then they are not getting enough sleep.

  • I think waking up can be hard no matter what age we are at, from 0-93!  One thing that I learned in a class about helping with sleep issues is how important it is that we keep a consistent sleep schedule.  What this looks like is a sleep schedule that stays within an hour time frame to bed and to rise.  When I work with patients (teens mostly) I give them a bit more fudge factor, but I do try to help them stay on schedule.  So what does that look like?

    -If you want the kiddos to rise Mon-Friday by 7am, then they need to rise every single day between 6am and 8 am.  So Saturday sleep in might only be until 8am-and although this sounds rough, 8am on Saturday will become a cinch as will 7 am weekdays.  

    -For my teen patients I will often compromise and do a 90 minute window to start with, so if they have to get up at 6am on school days then the with the fudge-factor it's 8:30 sleep in on Saturday.


    I think that since your kiddos are young a sticker or some sort of "Up-and-out-of-bed" reward chart might be really worth while.  So a set wake time everyday, with a sticker for each morning up within ten minutes of the alarm.  So many stickers=???  

    Let us know how things are going!


  • I think setting an alarm clock across the room might help. 

  • Again great advice! By the end of the school year, I feel like we had a good routine! The kids and adults were on schedule and not rushing around so much. Of course, now we have to try and remember what we did when the new school year comes around. Thanks!

  • So glad that was helpful, and I think I need MY alarm clock set across the room!  Keep us posted on how things are going,