• I come from an athletic family and am considered a sports nut by all who know me. I am encouraging my kids to take up sports as well, and they both really like gymnastics. Both my 5-year old and 3-year old work hard while they are there, but I don’t want to turn into a crazy sports Dad. How many days a week should they be doing sports activities at this age? -- Chris, StrongMoms Facilitator

  • As often as they want.. if they love to play the sports then i don't see any real harm in playing them. If they are seeming like they would rather play dress up instead of touch football then i wouldn't push it. maybe give them a different range of options like maybe kickball, baseball, hide and seek, or painting and see what they decide they want to do. that way the sports is always an option, but you don't feel like it's being pushed on them.

  • There are so many benefits from sports activities that I'd let your kiddos take the lead, but don't be afraid to encourage as needed, and to pull back when it does not feel right.  I think it's a process of constant evaluation, but follow your gut instinct with it.


  • I agree to watch and monitor your daughters for their reaction. If you are "dragging" them to practice or games then they may not be ready for the sports. If they are reminding you about their games or seem excited to be at practices then you can rest assured that they are enjoying themselves. Finding the right sport is important too. Some kids love soccer and others baseball. Don't forget about the less popular ones like tennis, rock climbing, golf, horseback riding, and even fencing. By introducing them to a lot of different sports you can find the one that is best for them!

  • I agree that a variety of sports is great and introducing them to as much as possible at a young age. Like everything, a balance is best!

  • Sometimes it is the balance for the parents that is BEST! I often sign my kids up for things because it is easier for me to coordinate..for example: they all take rock climbing class together on Mondays and then both boys play baseball so I can coordinate practices and games...:)

  • So true... many times the convenience dictates what you are able to do. I am really excited because the past few weeks, my older girls are excited about swimming and the possibility of winning a race. The competitiveness has been something that has been missing from my oldest, so I am excited. Swimming is a great sport, offers great exercise and gives me peace of mind that they will be comfortable and competent in the water.